FMP Play Fight (Anim) and questionnaire

My review

Overall I am happy with the outcome of the animation as I feel its the best I can do at this stage of my life. This is the first proper animation I’ve ever made and with the fact it doesn’t look too shit and embarrassing by the end makes me feel worlds better. That being said it isn’t perfect as there are some messy drawings around which shows my lack of ability, as well as some of the animation, being janky but I’m saying it a part of its charm so it’s alright. The fact the animation is fast paced helps hide the imperfections by keeping the animation going. In the future, I’ll give more time to neaten up the characters and learn how to shade as these things will help the animation.

Below is the development of the animation showing the four stages of the process. from storyboard to animatic 1 and 2 then finally the final piece, you can see clearly scenes I cut out changed to get to the final pieces.



Once I exported my animation and uploaded it to YouTube, I then went on to making a questionnaire for friends and colleagues to fill out so then I would know how to make it even better. I believe that getting three groups of people; media students, the general public and professional animators to review my animation would allow me to get opinions from people who know how a professional animation should look like compared to those who don’t. Candidates that know how to animate could pick up on smaller detail and could provide a way to work around the problem.

Target Audience

John Pliskin – 16

Sebastian Mia – 14

Joe Mcfly – 19

General public

Jay Garrick – 32

Sarah Carpenter – 29

—————————————————————————————————————————————–John Pliskin –

I feel the animation is good for a beginner but there are some spots in the video where the animation is stuttery but ill base that from this being his first. I love the animation style as it gives the boys a nice charm much like shows I’ve seen. I would say try to have a smoother animation for your future projects but overall I like it 7/10.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sebastian Mia –

I don’t really know that much about animation but I really like it and think it’s impressive that a first timer could do this. I could never do something like this, I enjoyed the choice of music but next time try to make it neater. 7.5/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Joe Mcfly –

I have had experience in animation before as I’ve done some short project’s and know how hard it is to make.  I feel overall the design and aesthetics are pleasing but the lines and stuttery animation hold it down and could be better with time. As this is his first time I’ll let him off but I enjoyed the upbeat feel. 6/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Jay Garrick –

It was good 8/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sarah Carpenter –

I found that the animation and the imaginative feel to it really helped the animation, as well as its fast paced nature. It may be a little messy at times but it adds to the charm of the animation. It doesn’t go on for long but it shows enough to make it enjoyable. 8/10

Poster Evaluation


eIn our poster assignment we where told to create multiple designs for a architecture festival then choose our three favourites, after that choose one out of the three to be our final design. First we did some research on modernist and post-modernist as you can see on the post, this gave us the gist of what we needed to create as our poster had to be in that kind of design, also an extra part of the research was to create a mind map on architecture and that kind of area, you can see this on another post.

After this we moved onto drawing work, drawing multiple small designs then chooseScan.jpeging from the designs three in which you think is the most and serves the most potential. As you can see on the left these are the designs I went for small but show a variety of different designs showing off the building of choice in different positions along with the writing in different positions and sizes to fit with each design. Most designs I have tried to keep post-modernist  but others did not I did this to vary the style of the poster and try different things to see how they would fit with the shape of the buildings as I only had a limited amount of pictures of the building for certain angle but luckily there where picture form the right angle.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.51.33.png


Scan 2.jpeg






Then I chose three of the most promise and created a bigger design of the which was more detailed to give a better idea of what it would look like when they where created for a final piece. As you can see on the left are the three poster dScan 1.jpegesigns I went for as they showed variety, they where different and displayed a new modern idea. The two poster designs at the top are the “backup” but the one I have made for my final design is the one at the bottom of the page as it really shows the shape/design of the building for how it is. The top left poster give an unusual angle of the building, from looking up thats why I chose this poster. Finally the top left post I chose because the spread out of the text and the odd shape of the building.

Onto the final design of each poster the fist is the top left from planning this design reallyFoA poster 1.jpg pleases me as it goes for a view for a building whilst showing it of for the beauty of it. As well as being visually pleasing it show the name of the Festival big and so you can clearly see it in which makes the poster eye catching so the passer by can quickly glance at it and know what they are looking at without having to think. Also the text gets overlapped by the building giving the poster an extra sort of depth as if the text is floating in the sky displaying the hight of the building. In the bottom left the logo for the Royal Institute of Architect Scotland you can tell as it shows clearly in the bottom left hand corner of the FoA poster 1.5.jpgposter. Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.21.09.pngThe poster required multiple layers to give the feel of depth in which I feel that it really adds to the poster. On the far left is a concept design of the poster above I went for this look as it shows off the delicate design structure.

The next poster in the on in the top right in the planning this design s

FoA poster 2.jpghows the different shapes and different angles each building is at displaying the futuristic way of building the architects when for. For this poster I had to move the parts of the buildings at the top in words to show more of the building off, so I cropped out the buildings and dragged them inwards. Also the text at the top Is overlapped by the building to also give depth like the last poster, furthermore I split up the “2016” and the main text to make the viewer really look at the poster and understand what it is. Same as the last poster the RIAS logo in the bottom right Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.19.47.pnghand corner not taking up too much space but  its there so you can clearly see it. The reason I wanted to show the compact buildings like this is because all the buildings are actually this close sitting on top of each other and this picture clearly displays that.



Then for the final design I when for a different look for it in which I feel

FoA poster 3.jpgpayed off as it really gives of a modernist feel, as its quite simplistic. The look I wanted was minimal and I think I really got it. The way I did this was by using the mask, line cutter and the paint brush tools to achieve this design, I found a picture cut out what I didn’t need then just used that part. The text/title fits into the shape of the building I think this is really show off  the ends of the builds lean off for the futuristic design, I also split the “2016” the make the viewer really look and understand the poster within the moments they go past it. As always the RIAS logo in the bottom right clearly
visible but not too big. I feel this is eye catching as its quite bold and shows what it is when you look at it and people will know what it is when they look at it. I got to this design by firstly being dissatisfied of the use of the actual building as the picture was distorted and blurry and thought by making the poster the way it is at the moment would be beater and I feel it worked out. I used the mask tool to create the poster and to make sure I cover up each spot to make it look at its best.Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.18.33.png

In conclusion within the three designs and planning it show the process of the design it delays the development of the poster and each stage of how I got to my final design. I feel the last poster is my strongest as its different and shows the strange way the buildings are put on top of each other.