FMP Play Fight (Anim) and questionnaire

My review

Overall I am happy with the outcome of the animation as I feel its the best I can do at this stage of my life. This is the first proper animation I’ve ever made and with the fact it doesn’t look too shit and embarrassing by the end makes me feel worlds better. That being said it isn’t perfect as there are some messy drawings around which shows my lack of ability, as well as some of the animation, being janky but I’m saying it a part of its charm so it’s alright. The fact the animation is fast paced helps hide the imperfections by keeping the animation going. In the future, I’ll give more time to neaten up the characters and learn how to shade as these things will help the animation.

Below is the development of the animation showing the four stages of the process. from storyboard to animatic 1 and 2 then finally the final piece, you can see clearly scenes I cut out changed to get to the final pieces.



Once I exported my animation and uploaded it to YouTube, I then went on to making a questionnaire for friends and colleagues to fill out so then I would know how to make it even better. I believe that getting three groups of people; media students, the general public and professional animators to review my animation would allow me to get opinions from people who know how a professional animation should look like compared to those who don’t. Candidates that know how to animate could pick up on smaller detail and could provide a way to work around the problem.

Target Audience

John Pliskin – 16

Sebastian Mia – 14

Joe Mcfly – 19

General public

Jay Garrick – 32

Sarah Carpenter – 29

—————————————————————————————————————————————–John Pliskin –

I feel the animation is good for a beginner but there are some spots in the video where the animation is stuttery but ill base that from this being his first. I love the animation style as it gives the boys a nice charm much like shows I’ve seen. I would say try to have a smoother animation for your future projects but overall I like it 7/10.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sebastian Mia –

I don’t really know that much about animation but I really like it and think it’s impressive that a first timer could do this. I could never do something like this, I enjoyed the choice of music but next time try to make it neater. 7.5/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Joe Mcfly –

I have had experience in animation before as I’ve done some short project’s and know how hard it is to make.  I feel overall the design and aesthetics are pleasing but the lines and stuttery animation hold it down and could be better with time. As this is his first time I’ll let him off but I enjoyed the upbeat feel. 6/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Jay Garrick –

It was good 8/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sarah Carpenter –

I found that the animation and the imaginative feel to it really helped the animation, as well as its fast paced nature. It may be a little messy at times but it adds to the charm of the animation. It doesn’t go on for long but it shows enough to make it enjoyable. 8/10

Video Game Interface Assignment – Part 1 – Planning


I am required to design a professional game interface for a racing game which should use some of the following amount of laps, position, tim, best lap, speed/speedometer, map , wing mirrors, brand, if the car is damaged, power, boost/nitro, way finder, checkpoint. The game has to be in London and have to decide whether to add other designs into the game.

I think the main thing to think about is what kind of racing game it going to be as depending on the type of car the interface will be different, four example if you get damaged will it make it harder to view the interface as it breaking. This is what I will think about as well as the positioning and size of the parts in the interface.

Interface –

Most games about cars the interface comes either in a third or first person perspective depending on which it changes the style and places of the parts of the interface. First person takes up more of the screen usually as the game creators what to make you (the player) feel as if your in the game experiencing what it would be to drive a car in a real race. On the other hand in third person the screen is more clean showing more of the games visuals then hiding some of the interface to do this.

Shows more of the game
Shows more of the game
Takes up most the screen like a real car
Takes up most the screen like a real car

As you can see the picture on the left is more open keeping the interface small in the corners also making the map this and see through as its not in a box and on the right picture it takes up more of the screen using the car in game to show off some of the interface, but not taking up to much space so you can still see the looks of the inside of the car.

On the picture on the right you can see the map is only showing the are in which they are on/coming up to then fading away when you get away from it this is good as it doesn’t take up the whole screen and get tells you where you need to go without showing the entire map, when planning I will need to decide whether I should do something like this or show the whole map like the picture on the left.


If a car in a game has branding the company that made the game has to pay the car company to use their brand ing the game in which is expensive and since I don’t have enough money to pay for a brand I will have to make up the brand during the design process.


Week 1 – planning more, gathering ideas, analysis of interface (task 2)

Week 2- finish off analysis, start on development by sketches and annotate

Week 3- finish sketches, ask peers about work and write up on blog

Week 4-Mock ups and final visuals, create professional look (3 designs)

Week 5- Evaluation (750 words)