pixel work

First we opened levels. We wanted to ensure you have strong contrast if your image is close in. I darken some of my darks but also lighten my midtones and highlights.

I set my Image to “Indexed Colour” in Image > Mode > Indexed Colour to counteract that.

I brought up Image Size. From here, we sized it down from the high resolution file to something tiny

I size mine down to a width of 70 pixels

I opened up Image Size, change the pull-down tab that reads “Pixels” to “Percent.” I blow up my image to 400 percent of it’s new size. We would get better results if you use multiples, like 200 percent (2x) or 1000 percent (10x)


Desert Scene (Concept or something)

In this task we where asked to design a scene using texture and/or drawing you own I went ahead and did both. By doing this it helps develop our design skill for background in games as well as animation. The base design was from the new battlefield game (battlefield 1) as I’ve been playing the beta and thought it would be a good idea. The betas level is in a vast desert with some parts of the map including a train so you should be able to spot ether train tracks and a train in the pictures. What we did first was draw on paper what we wanted  then went over it with fine liner to make it stand out better. After that we help the picture to the macs camera and took a picture of it then putting it in photoshop to work off.photo-on-12-09-2016-at-10-38

^This is the picture I drew first to get the base design of what I wanted my work to end up looking like.


This is the first picture I made drawing it in photoshop basing it off the picture before. I in total used 11 layers to make this showing off shadows and the different shads of rock. I wanted to keep this piece minimal as I feel it would work well for an animation scenario.


This is the one below with filters (I was experimenting with filters)


This picture is made up of different textures/other pictures from the internet. I wanted to try and keep it as similar to the original drawing as possible but keeping it looking nice, I feel I did that making the picture look like it was and actual place. I used 5 layers to make this while messing around with the colours to make it all match. If you can you can also spot a train in the background familiar to bf1 so its not just a random desert.