FMP Play Fight (Anim) and questionnaire

My review

Overall I am happy with the outcome of the animation as I feel its the best I can do at this stage of my life. This is the first proper animation I’ve ever made and with the fact it doesn’t look too shit and embarrassing by the end makes me feel worlds better. That being said it isn’t perfect as there are some messy drawings around which shows my lack of ability, as well as some of the animation, being janky but I’m saying it a part of its charm so it’s alright. The fact the animation is fast paced helps hide the imperfections by keeping the animation going. In the future, I’ll give more time to neaten up the characters and learn how to shade as these things will help the animation.

Below is the development of the animation showing the four stages of the process. from storyboard to animatic 1 and 2 then finally the final piece, you can see clearly scenes I cut out changed to get to the final pieces.



Once I exported my animation and uploaded it to YouTube, I then went on to making a questionnaire for friends and colleagues to fill out so then I would know how to make it even better. I believe that getting three groups of people; media students, the general public and professional animators to review my animation would allow me to get opinions from people who know how a professional animation should look like compared to those who don’t. Candidates that know how to animate could pick up on smaller detail and could provide a way to work around the problem.

Target Audience

John Pliskin – 16

Sebastian Mia – 14

Joe Mcfly – 19

General public

Jay Garrick – 32

Sarah Carpenter – 29

—————————————————————————————————————————————–John Pliskin –

I feel the animation is good for a beginner but there are some spots in the video where the animation is stuttery but ill base that from this being his first. I love the animation style as it gives the boys a nice charm much like shows I’ve seen. I would say try to have a smoother animation for your future projects but overall I like it 7/10.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sebastian Mia –

I don’t really know that much about animation but I really like it and think it’s impressive that a first timer could do this. I could never do something like this, I enjoyed the choice of music but next time try to make it neater. 7.5/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Joe Mcfly –

I have had experience in animation before as I’ve done some short project’s and know how hard it is to make.  I feel overall the design and aesthetics are pleasing but the lines and stuttery animation hold it down and could be better with time. As this is his first time I’ll let him off but I enjoyed the upbeat feel. 6/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Jay Garrick –

It was good 8/10

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Sarah Carpenter –

I found that the animation and the imaginative feel to it really helped the animation, as well as its fast paced nature. It may be a little messy at times but it adds to the charm of the animation. It doesn’t go on for long but it shows enough to make it enjoyable. 8/10

FMP Production development

After the production of my animatic, I started to look into ways to produce my animation. So the first step on things to do was to produce the backgrounds to the scenes so I wouldn’t have to go back and add in the backgrounds after the animation has been made, it also helps me set the characters up better in the scene. I used Photoshop to draw the backgrounds and based them on the scenes from my sketches and the angles they are at. In Adobe Photoshop I ensure I named all the layers appropriately so then I wouldn’t get confused in my animating process, even if it meant naming six+ layers which I did for certain frames. As I wanted my final animatic to be 1080×1920 I had to create each shot to this size. As I didn’t want to stretch the frame to where parts of the sketches were missing I used the Clone Stamp and Spot Healing Brush Tool to fill in the empty gaps. I did notice that some edges weren’t visible on the moving layers so I drew them in with the Paint Brush Tool. The sketches help me plan out the angles better for the final animation so if I need to rotate an angle more I can at this stage. After planning the room I start searching for colours for the room, I based the room off my old living room cream for the walls and I feel the end look works well and compliments each other. After that adding other objects like the chair and window which went through the same process as before.

After I finished the background designs I started to design the intro page starting in the sky and then moving down to reveal the houses where the boys are. I had the idea for this intro from the beginning as I felt it was a good way to start and reveal the boys in the house. I did this scene by making three different photoshop files one for the logo another for the sky/clouds and the third for the houses.


This is the final animatic including a lot of scenes that I will use in the final piece and some that were scrapped (if you wanna watch the whole thing check out the other post). In this animatic, you will see the characters pre colour this is the base of what the final animation will be before I work out the collours of the final animation.Turn around 2.jpgturn around 1.jpg

These are the full character turnarounds of the two main characters, with colour. This turnaround is based of the drawn one I did in my sketchbook. I used these character turnarounds frequently in the production of my animation for reference, this helps speed up production time when I was stuck with the characters on stupid angles.

In the animation, I switched frequently between four main software, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Animate. For the drawn part of the animation, I used Photoshop and Animate to work out the pacing and the drawing. For the editing, I used the other software. It may seem like more work but my using more software it kinda split up the workload and made me feel better about my project.

AR/VR Final Video/questionnaire

VR Trailer:

Questionnaire feedback:

Do you feel the story of the video is engaging?

  • yes
  • Yes!

How original do you feel the story is compared to other game trailers? Explain

  • – Sort of original, I feel like it has been done before
  • – Quite original though I didn’t know what the story involved as the player was just looking around rather than interacting with the environment

–  Response –

In the future, we’ll try to add something more special to make the trailer more independent and original.

Does the sound fit the trailer? Explain

  • Yes the audio fits the trailer well
  • Yes, works very well with the atmosphere

How does the background look? Explain

  • The backgrounds were well made
  • Colourful and detailed, would be interesting to see another world in Arcadia

Would you interested in buying this game after watching the trailer?

  • Yes
  • NO

Out of 10 how well do you feel the visuals hold up?

  • 8/10
  • 8/10

Out of 10 how well do you feel the graphics help the story?

  • 8/10
  • 8/10

Overall I feel the trailer looked good but what could be improved is maybe adding moving scenery and wildlife and making the user feel like they are in the world better. Also, we could clean um the keying to make it crispier.

Questionnaire: \/


FMP Room Designs


I want to keep the rooms simple enough so it will be easier to implement when animating. For example, the room from Regular Show is quite simple and the kinda feel I want from the room, a plain room with a sofa and some background items. The look below is quite watercoloured whilst the family guy room has plain colours so I’ll have to work out something to what I think feels best in the long run and that the characters fit into.


This front view of the characters is what in my animation will look like for quite a lot of the animation. So I will use these images as reference when making the backgrounds.


This wider shot of the room reveals more of the environment of the room, it’s quite an empty room so it much easier to do when making the background. Also, the colours in the regular show are soft creamy colours giving the room a safe feel so it balances out with the main character’s actions.


As you can see Family Guy use a lot of plain colours with slight shadows for details, this simple style compliments the look/design of the characters. When I finish the digital design of the characters I will make the background to compliment the characters so they feel like they would live in this world.

AR/VR Editing Development

The first thing Rokas did in after effects were to import all of the files and them in order. Since me and Rokas did the 3D landscape we had to import the stills into the editing software. On the landscape, there was a lot of shadows which were put in on Maya when making the 3D landscape. Some of the clips with me irl didn’t match the lighting of the 3D made the world so we changed it in layers modes from Normal to Screen (located in the composition tab on the bottom left). In addition to that, he changes the size of the IRL greenscreen scenes to make the fact that I actually in the game more believable.

Once I exported the clip from Adobe After Effects, I then imported it into Adobe Premiere Pro, where I would then add in the sound that was found and made by Liam. As the audio was very jumbled in the clip I created in After Effects I got the audio from the original clip and put it over the top. A few of the clips audio levels were quite high compared to the rest so I had to decrease the volume using Volume> Levels. This stage wasn’t difficult as I had worked with syncing audio with video before in my ‘Warburtons Advert’ and ‘Film Noir Trailer’.Image result for after effects

FMP Story and Characters

Concept Story Ideas:

When developing the story I came up with slightly different ideas that moved in different ways these are those ideas.

The original intro: The scene opens with the front od the house showing the main house as well as the Nabours with two people standing out front, the scene then cuts to the interior with the camera facing the door. Following a knock, at the door, a young child runs and opens the door to reveal another young boy and his mother. They instantly run upstairs into the main boy’s bedroom where the scene starts.                                                       [I decided to change this because it felt like too much of a long winded intro for the animation also to make it easier for myself as having the opening door and the boys running upstairs would add a lot more time to the production of the animation.]

Full Story:

Intro:                                                                                                                                                                       The start of the animation begins with the title of the animation in the sky, which the working title is “Play Fighting”, then the camera pans down the street where the house is and proceeds to zoom in on the bottom window of the main house. Then through the window, you see two boys playing with their toys. The boys proceed to grab the same toy and this indicates the fight. They back off of each other into a duel like stance and we see the boy 1 with a light saber and the second boy with an arm attachment which he proceeds to put on.                                                                                                                                                               The Fight:                                                                                                                                                              The fight begins with the second boy putting on the arm attachment, once the attachment is on a rocket comes out of it at fires towards the boy 1 which he destroys with his light saber. After he has cut the rocket the boy lunches with his lightsaber towards boy 2 and pins him to the ground for a few seconds but then he his blasted away. Now the boys have split up boy 2’s arm changes into a full body suit and shoot a rocket which makes a small explosion that covers over boy 1 hiding him in dust, boy two looks around for him when suddenly two eyes appear glowing. The eyes get higher and higher, the camera cuts to the boy in the suit looking scared about what’s happening and then out of the dust you see Godzilla. The boy in the suit starts to run away when he’s grabbed by Godzilla and gets dragged away from the camera. Boy 1 puts boy 2 in his mouth and goes off screen where a bunch of explosions happens which appear on the screen and when we see them again they’re in their normal form.                                                                                                                         Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                           As the boys are in an entangled position Darth Vader walks into the room and we see the boy shocked about seeing this. The camera goes back to the Darth Vader staring them down then back to the boy and back to Darth Vader but instead of Darth Vader it’s their mother looking unimpressed and says dinners ready. The boys squint their eyes like they did at the begining before they started fighting.                                                                                     CREDITS


Boy 1 – Character only

Boy 2 – Character only

Mum – Voice and character

FMP Art Show Research

I went to the affordable art fair in London to get inspiration and to learn about other peoples work to get ideas to help me with my final piece. Going around and seeing people’s styles and designs gave me ideas for house designs, character designs and somewhere just paintings I liked. The first ever Affordable Art Fair launched in Battersea Park in October 1999. 10,000 people who loved art went to the art fair to take advantage of the ease of buying, a range of choice at a cheap price. At each event combined there are around 220,000 artists.

This first lot of pictures above gave me ideas for the house the characters live in and general nature inspiration. The main piece out of these that gave me a good idea of what I want the characters house to be was the top painting, in the painting you see an old English school and houses this is the type of style I originally wanted for the houses, it’s a traditional English house. The other painting gave me a good idea of colour blending when I work on my animation, the greens in the grassland paintings show how to make greenery feel explored and the others give me a good idea how the use of bright colours in a building.

These next set of paintings gave me ideas for the style of the characters as there are like cartoon characters and some are pop art.The big piece in this section was my favorite for its use of colour and mixing it in with a giant creature, this is the type of cartoon-like monster I want on mine and the way they keep him in silhouette really makes the piece stand out to me. The pop art styled paintings gives more of a cartoony feel at the use a comic like the style as well as in one the use of the pink panther this gave me a good idea for the type of colours to use in the animation as well as the style.

The rest of these are just paintings I liked and stood out to me from the beautiful landscapes to the unrealistic fox character. The fox painting could show a lot of things like the fox represents a predator and therefore the police are seen as predators or how foxes are perceived as violent it’s very open to consideration (plus it reminds me of my GTA character). The others are less about the certain theme but about showing beautiful landscapes and scenery and they are done well through the use of vibrant colours.

Overall I feel going to this art fair has helped be consider the use of colour more throughout my animation to make it pop in the parts such as outside and when here are explosions. Also the development of house I want those first paintings gave me a great start to what I want at the end for the houses.

FMP Treatment

The working title of my animation is “Play Fighting”. The genre for my animation the short feature will be around 1:30 – 2:00 as this is around the right time to fit the fight into. The overall target audience would be for young teens and kids around the age of 10 but I’m making it in a simplistic way so that it can be enjoyed by anyone. One of the reasons I’m making it for kids around that age is because a lot of modern 2D cartoons especially in TV are made for the audience I stated, especially with the type of themes my animation has in it wouldn’t be appropriate for very young ages as it includes a lot of fighting in it.

The main outline of the animation is two boys playing with their toys happily when suddenly they both grab the same toy, they immediately stair each other down and this initiates the fight. The goes on for the majority of the animation as they use their imagination to conjure up weapons to use in this fight for example lightsabers and robot suits. The overall climax of the animation is when Darth Vader appears to the shock of the boys but this is disrupted by the mother of one of the boy’s mothers saying dinners ready this snaps everyone back to reality where Darth Vader is just the boy’s dad wearing a mask, then they all leave the room. The characters don’t have names as they don’t really need names but for the sake of it boy 1 – Bill and boy 2 is Ted, both boys are into the same kinda things so that’s why they are playing with the same toys, the boys are bot 10 years old and obviously male. They don’t have a partially interesting backstory as the backstory is Ted came around to Bill’s house for a sleepover and they are playing their toys before dinner.

For audio, I am looking for a background song to play and go along with the animation, I am still currently looking for the right song as it has to go with the theme and style of the animation. There might be some sound effects of the hits and for some of the props they use like a lightsaber but I don’t know how well it will sound over the top of music but I will do some testing when the time comes. The only dialogue is the mother saying sinners ready and I could get any woman to say that.

The reason I chose this idea is because of its fun and entertaining, what makes this animation interesting isn’t just the fighting its how they do it and the reason why the are fighting. The reason they are fighting is a toy and that adds a funny aspect to the fight as they’re doing this whole fight over a toy, furthermore, they aren’t just fist fighting using their imagination creates all kinds of features I could add to the end animation.

For research, I have to look into different kinds of animated videos from TV cartoons to internet self-made cartoons, this will help me create this animation as I can use ideas and learn techniques from them to help me with my animation. I will also use internet forums to ask questions and get feedback on my ideas to see how other people feel about my desitions. The equipment I will need for this animation would be a computer, the correct software for the animation like After effects and TVPaint (the animation software I’ll be using), drawing pad and a sketch book.I have a production timeline so if I keep to it I should stay on track to finishing this animation on time. Some of the problems I might face would be not making the animation the standards I hope but I should be able to make it look good.


AR/VR Story/Enviroment Development

Story development 1:(changed)

The trailer will start with a bored man sitting on the sofa with nothing do to when suddenly there is a knock at the door, he disregards it, after ignoring the know he is promptly hit in the head with a box. He looks back at the door, it’s still shut, after a few seconds of being confused he opens to box and to his surprise its a VR headset. He puts the headset on and it has taken to another world, this surprises him and he takes it off really quickly, he looks amazed. He puts it on and experiences the VR game and looks like he’s enjoying everything then finally then the logo of the gaming company comes up and maybe the name of the game.

Work process:

To begin we have some people working on a logo for the trailer and the others work on the story/game so we can optimize the working process.

Visual Identity:

Development ideas for the trailer, as we want different terrains as we want each area to be on a different planet. These pictures below are from the game “Small radio’s Big televisions” this game is a puzzle game using tapes as portals to another virtual world inside the game. So some plants have bright colours and others will be darker, and of course, we can’t make too many as it would be harder to make them. The game will be stylized towards a polygon theme. To make this we’ll ever use Maya to make the world beforehand and add it in via a green screen when we edit it or we could make it in real time in a game software such as Unreal engine or unity so it could be like a real game.


GD2 – Please continue the tasks set last week starting with the following:

  • Finish the game visual identity. Think about colour schemes and how this will be reflected in the promo, will it be produced in muted tones or loud primary colours? Which typeface will you use? Does it look professional? How does it relate to your actual game idea?
  • Continue with your promo. Finish the logo and titles…show both sketched and digital development of these ideas. If you are producing a title of moving graphic…this will have to be storyboarded.
  • You should have different people taking up different roles in this production. Reflect on what has been achieved and who is doing what. Write your short report on Moodle.

AR/VR Story Development

Techniques to use in the game:

  1. Creating a 3D environment and putting the player into that environment to show that the person would be in the game, for example creating a would in Maya or a game engine, then filming IRL a person with a VR headset on in front of a green-screen then putting them together.
  2. We could create a standing experience with the world moving around the person as more of a feel for or instead of a full game
  3. A mobile game when you use it to change the surrounding area into a game. For example like pokemon go but a different style of game, so this would be more of an AR experience.

Depending on how much go into each the one that would possibly take the longest would be option Uno as we would have to create different environments in a 3D software and then produce it into a trailer like a video.

Basic Treatment:

Starts off with a man putting on VR headset then the world converts into VR 3d space and he looks around to see what a wonderful place this is. The main equipment and software we will be using run the project are Maya as a main piece of software for the 3D environment and after effect/premier pro for editing, for filming we would need a high-quality camera life we used for the film noir project to film the live action content for the VR experience as well as that we would need lighting and possibly sound. The target audience for this project would be for ages 10+ or of whatever the VR headsets minimum requirement is. The full trailer will fit into a 20-second limit and will be a half 3D animation as that’s what we are using as the background environment.