Game Loop Two

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.01.56.png
Clips made in garage band to use in the second game loop
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.04.08.png
Backing bass for Second game loop to give me a better sound and to help stay in beat
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.10.30.png
Extra beat for the second game loop to give the sound variety in the piece
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 16.01.56.png

Audition page for game loop 2 using beats from Garage band and some other music from freesound, I sped up some parts near the end I also muffled and slowed down parts too but I feel it add to the main piece I used sounds like a door opening and closing/police sirens,sped up ambient noises (which are sped up to to make it feel faster) I feel this has a real life effect to the loop.

Game Loop One

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.37.10.png
Beat for the game loop one, using garage band to back beat.

Audition page for game loop 1 using beats from Garage band and some other music from freesound, I sped up some parts near the end I also muffled and slowed down parts too but I feel it add to the main piece.Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.35.38.png

Car game sound develpment

In my game when you drive around the London track you will pass by street performers to add to the feel of London. I am going to do this as when you go around London there are people that do this and I feel that it will give the game a better atmosphere and of course you can crash into them if you feel like and hear their interments get destroyed by your car.

Another street performer I could add these types of instruments could change the game play experience for the player to make them feel like they are in London

Traffic Jam Sound clip in which could be added to the game as my game is based in London with traffic so you would hear lots of cars.

Sound clip test to try and get the sound I want when playing the game.

Sound clip to test what could work as a backing for my game

This is a mix I was testing for the game and seeing what worked this is what I got out of it.

Fallout New Vegas Sound Design

The sound design for the game “Fallout New Vegas” has to use many natural sounds as well as computer made sounds as the game is set in a futuristic setting and requires sounds for weapons and creatures that we don’t have in real life. Andrew Dearing, Justin Bell, Mikey Dowling, and Jonathan Pendergrass all worked on the sounds for the game making it what it is. Obsidian (The company that made the game) went on many trips to perfect the sounds for the game, traveling to deserts and camping so the could collect as much sounds as possible, then going to abandoned buildings for example, they did this to get all the creepy sounds which fit into the game. By doing this it really fits the game and really shows what they’ve done. They used Sound Devices 702 and a Sanken CS5 to make the sounds possible.

The feel of the game really shows in open area from day too night, the transitions between night and day where fluid and seamless to do this they made ambient loops, dusk and dawn without a lot of motion they did this too keep the repetition to a minimum, this kept the sound dynamic and fresh so you could keep playing the game without getting sick of it. Also they added distant screams, breaking glass and muffled explosions to add a sense of danger in which keeps the player on their toes, doing this shows how the sound and music really help the player feel immersed into the game.

As Fallout New Vegas for ambiance For ambience, Obsidian mostly used the existing systems except for one key addition. They added the ability to attach sounds directly to the art objects that the designers would place in the game. For example, when the sound designers added a wood creak sound to the wooden telephone poles in the town of Goodsprings, that sound would automatically propagate to all of the telephone poles in the world. This was a key new feature for the game. After that they added subtle sounds to anything we could from broken down cars to piles of dirt. Every subtle sound they added created a even better ambience so they game would come to life. They created the audio so it wouldn’t interrupt each other and run smoothly. When the player is out in the middle of the desert without a town in sight, the music plays in a matter that is similar to the one shot system described above. Bits of music come and go in small bursts and blend with the sounds of the Wasteland itself. The music also builds upon itself as the player moves towards locations of interest in the Wasteland.

Overall, the combination of setting strong real life sounds, and working the Obsidian team working endless hours of sounds. This project had its difficulties as collecting all the different sounds, but in the end the complete soundscape really worked well with the theme and look of the game. I feel that the sound is excellent and works well with the game.


Favourite Game Music Piece.

Crash Bandicoot Main Theme

I love this piece of music because I used to a play the game  lot when I was younger, so every time I hear it it takes me back to those days sitting on the sofa playing it with my brother and sister. It works for the game as its old it isn’t that loud or dramatic it fits with the fun intensions on the game with a light tune, however you get game over a few times it will start to annoy you.  David Siller produced and also designed it, the piece of music was made in house with the help of Jason Rubin who was director and Universal Interactive Studios who distributed it.