Poster Evaluation


eIn our poster assignment we where told to create multiple designs for a architecture festival then choose our three favourites, after that choose one out of the three to be our final design. First we did some research on modernist and post-modernist as you can see on the post, this gave us the gist of what we needed to create as our poster had to be in that kind of design, also an extra part of the research was to create a mind map on architecture and that kind of area, you can see this on another post.

After this we moved onto drawing work, drawing multiple small designs then chooseScan.jpeging from the designs three in which you think is the most and serves the most potential. As you can see on the left these are the designs I went for small but show a variety of different designs showing off the building of choice in different positions along with the writing in different positions and sizes to fit with each design. Most designs I have tried to keep post-modernist  but others did not I did this to vary the style of the poster and try different things to see how they would fit with the shape of the buildings as I only had a limited amount of pictures of the building for certain angle but luckily there where picture form the right angle.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.51.33.png


Scan 2.jpeg






Then I chose three of the most promise and created a bigger design of the which was more detailed to give a better idea of what it would look like when they where created for a final piece. As you can see on the left are the three poster dScan 1.jpegesigns I went for as they showed variety, they where different and displayed a new modern idea. The two poster designs at the top are the “backup” but the one I have made for my final design is the one at the bottom of the page as it really shows the shape/design of the building for how it is. The top left poster give an unusual angle of the building, from looking up thats why I chose this poster. Finally the top left post I chose because the spread out of the text and the odd shape of the building.

Onto the final design of each poster the fist is the top left from planning this design reallyFoA poster 1.jpg pleases me as it goes for a view for a building whilst showing it of for the beauty of it. As well as being visually pleasing it show the name of the Festival big and so you can clearly see it in which makes the poster eye catching so the passer by can quickly glance at it and know what they are looking at without having to think. Also the text gets overlapped by the building giving the poster an extra sort of depth as if the text is floating in the sky displaying the hight of the building. In the bottom left the logo for the Royal Institute of Architect Scotland you can tell as it shows clearly in the bottom left hand corner of the FoA poster 1.5.jpgposter. Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.21.09.pngThe poster required multiple layers to give the feel of depth in which I feel that it really adds to the poster. On the far left is a concept design of the poster above I went for this look as it shows off the delicate design structure.

The next poster in the on in the top right in the planning this design s

FoA poster 2.jpghows the different shapes and different angles each building is at displaying the futuristic way of building the architects when for. For this poster I had to move the parts of the buildings at the top in words to show more of the building off, so I cropped out the buildings and dragged them inwards. Also the text at the top Is overlapped by the building to also give depth like the last poster, furthermore I split up the “2016” and the main text to make the viewer really look at the poster and understand what it is. Same as the last poster the RIAS logo in the bottom right Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.19.47.pnghand corner not taking up too much space but  its there so you can clearly see it. The reason I wanted to show the compact buildings like this is because all the buildings are actually this close sitting on top of each other and this picture clearly displays that.



Then for the final design I when for a different look for it in which I feel

FoA poster 3.jpgpayed off as it really gives of a modernist feel, as its quite simplistic. The look I wanted was minimal and I think I really got it. The way I did this was by using the mask, line cutter and the paint brush tools to achieve this design, I found a picture cut out what I didn’t need then just used that part. The text/title fits into the shape of the building I think this is really show off  the ends of the builds lean off for the futuristic design, I also split the “2016” the make the viewer really look and understand the poster within the moments they go past it. As always the RIAS logo in the bottom right clearly
visible but not too big. I feel this is eye catching as its quite bold and shows what it is when you look at it and people will know what it is when they look at it. I got to this design by firstly being dissatisfied of the use of the actual building as the picture was distorted and blurry and thought by making the poster the way it is at the moment would be beater and I feel it worked out. I used the mask tool to create the poster and to make sure I cover up each spot to make it look at its best.Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.18.33.png

In conclusion within the three designs and planning it show the process of the design it delays the development of the poster and each stage of how I got to my final design. I feel the last poster is my strongest as its different and shows the strange way the buildings are put on top of each other.






Modernism and Post Modernism



As you can see on the left is modernism, made before the 1980’s they had limits to what they could create for example since computers weren’t around as much as they are today people  had to stick with drawing, painting, air brush, screen print ect (traditional methods) using dynamic shapes to show what they are advertising. If the artist wanted a human for example in their poster they would have to make the person look like a person unlike now where artists have more freedom the make what they feel will suit so the if a person wants to draw a human now it doesn’t have to pacifically look like one. Post modernism started after 1980’s to the current day when people started using digital techniques to design posters, when this happened artists and designers had a chance to show what they wanted in a easier form, less detailed. Post Modernism is more open as it allows more spiritual, relational and creative/imaginative ideas and approach towards this design.

The picture on the top left is Modernism and as you can see there is a more realistic feel towards it, you can clearly see the point of it, used in times where we where at war to get people to join the army/buy stamps to send to people in the war zone, telling you what happening  and basically straight to the point as it has a lot of writing in it compared to post modernism. In the Post Modernism poster on the right the person who made it has used shapes to create the rocket and a cartoonish smoke underneath, this has been done by using a computer to create it, this poster is more plain than the Modernist one we saw first as that poster has been hand painted and copied. As you can see below I have put a bunch of Post Modernism and Modernism into a collection, you can see the difference of design between them,  it shows how detailed the Modernism posters are as they had to be hand drawn/painted in order to make them, then the Post Modernist posters are more open to have different ideas in how to show what they are trying to get across. The way the artist portray the Post Modernist posters are very related to the world and to create you own meaning through sometimes your feelings to create the poster. However traditional methods include the truth/facts following god or the world events with a logical perspective on what you making following the objective of what you are creating thinking on your own to create an idea that will appeal to the public. In conclusion you can see the changes between how people expected you to make on a poster to the times like now where you have so much more creative freedom in what you make as things don’t have to be hand drawn/painted anymore since we have computers and can create designs much quicker and to a high quality to what you need.

Modernist posters
Modernist posters
Post Modernist posters
Post Modernist posters

Shift Effect

Shift Effect: I Blurred out the edges of the and out-side to give it a good effect. (gaussian blur)

In this task we had to make this picture look kinda toy-ish by blurring out a certain area then leaving a certain part un-blurred  by selecting the certain area then masking it.

  1. Got the picture off the internet
  2. Placed it into photoshop
  3. then use the gradient and make it black to white
  4. select the quick mask tool
  5. draw a selection an what should appear is a red area then unselect the quick mask tool
  6. Filter>blur>Gaussian blur

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.46.10 Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.45.58


What I did was create a A5 product flyer. We had to create three different flyers the first one should be placed in a spot where it should be used, then the second in an unexpected background and placement and finally  the third is to contrast the where the product should be seen. My product was a vacuum cleaner. Firstly I found a picture of a dog then a vacuum cleaner then the background, I wanted to make it look like the dog was being sucked up by the vacuum clean to make it feel like this product is fine for dog.

.Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.52.11Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 09.57.10Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 09.57.19Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.24.13Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.24.19