Film Noir Final Piece/feedback

I’m quite pleased with the outcome with the trailer, but I feel if we had a full team we could have made it better with more action. On the other hand, I think we did well for a number of people we had.

The song we used was “life is but a dream” by the Harptones, we chose this song as it fitted in with the feel of the trailer we were going for, an old song to fit inside of a modernized version of an old-fashioned film noir type movie. The song was cut down to fit the trailer.


The general feedback for our trailer was positive with some people calling it “Annoyingly good trailer”. Every group praised our use of the song “life is but a dream” and how we used it in the trailer, with people saying that it adds a dramatic aspect to the trailer as well as making it feel relatable. Although one group said that they didn’t understand the story/narrative of the trailer we weren’t really going for a story theme, even though we did add hints to the story, we wanted a tense aspect so people would want to figure out why is this happening. Also on every feedback sheet, people enjoyed the use of the shadow fight scene to make a hint of danger. Overall I feel most people enjoyed the mood and direction of the trailer going off their feedback but the trailer could show more of the story.

Film Noir Development 3

In pre-production, we need to write/draw the storyboard, the script, costumes. In the group, my job was to write the script and storyboard and this would be the main structure of what the trailer will become, but I did get input from the other member of the group to see what he thinks and to get ideas. I will also be directing and assisting with editing the final trailer so I would be telling Rokas where to film and at what angle etc. and I will be assisting with the editing, helping make scenes flow and to cut out errors. In the film industry tend to have multiple people doing every job, so we have to do everything since we are just two people.

The storyboard is based off my original idea when bouncing off ideas with Rokas. In my original Idea, there would be a lot more fighting and close ups but that grew to be difficult when we were a member down and decided to keep it in to keep you thinking. But the idea of having blackouts during the trailer really helped the flow. We mainly used the storyboards instead of writing a script, we did this when we lost a member because there wasn’t much speaking in the trailer.IMG_0381.JPGIMG_0380.JPGIMG_0379.JPGIMG_0378.JPG


Risk assessment sheets are great when it comes to small or large film productions because people have to be safe throughout the production, this usually included blunt objects, prop guns, body doubles and stunt cushions. With our production, we checked through this list seeing what would effect this filming and our health and if there were then we wrote down the severity rating going from 1 to 5. One of the conditions that we had to be careful with the most is weather as it would roughly be 5 degrees Celsius and we would be doing shots in the cold, this would be challenging as the actors could be uncomfortable and it could even damage the equipment.

The equipment list:

Canon Legria HF G10 Camera


Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic + Windshield

Tascam DR-40 XLR Recorder + XLR Cable

RODE Boom pole for mic

TH-650 HD Tripod

Camlink TP-1700 Tripod

NEEWER Cn-160 light

Location Checklist:


The edit:


Enter a caption

The edit was done in separate layers for ground audio and music audio. Video and audio were all recorded separately for an easier edit/ so they don’t get mixed up. Some video tracks were slowed down and spaced out for a better flow of the trailer and to fit in with the song. Each scene was filmed multiple times to ensure we got scenes we were happy with to go into the final piece. We used premiere pro and photoshop in the trailer as it was there weren’t any special effects in it, but I feel the fewer effects in the trailer add a tense feel to the trailer. Screenshot_4.png


The film would be a psychological film noir movie made to make the view question who’s who in each scenario. The movie would be aimed at 16+ as in the full release the movie would have a lot more violence and trauma. Before editing the trailer we laid out all of the video files put them into premiere pro into the rough idea we had for the trailer to make sure the look and feel of the tense feel would come through, after that we followed through to edit the trailer. After the editing was done we went through the trailer to make sure it felt right, unfortunately, in the final edit I look at the camera twice but we didn’t notice it when we went through it because premier pro kept lagging past the bit. Overall the final edit was basically what I had in mind for the trailer after were went through it to make it work with just one person but if we did have a full team we would’ve been able to add more fight scenes etc.

The Filming process:

Day one: We started with the opening scene with me waking up repeatedly, we film this at my house moving from room to room. We did each scene around 13 times each to ensure we had enough footage for editing and that if one scene wasn’t at a good enough standard we could use another one. We set up all camera equipment, sound and lighting in each room to always get the best quality of film at the right contrast, so moving the equipment from room to room was a bit of a hassle but we moved each piece equipment one by one to be safe. Unfortunately, I and Rokas couldn’t get anyone to join us and help film but we got by with what we had.

Day two: For this, we needed to get some props and get to the right filming spots, for the props we needed a gun for each shot of me walking, the only toy guns shops had weren’t the right colour of the video, even though the video is in black and white the gun would stand out as brighter so we bought some spray paint and sprayed it so it worked for the scene. We filmed in and around two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton to get the shots we needed. we went for these areas as there dark and dirty the kinda feel we wanted for the trailer. We did the sameish recording set up like we did in my house but in the public scenes.


Film Noir Trailer development 2

My team, minus Jonno, decided we wanted a trailer with a psychological aspect to it so we wanted to some how show it through our project. The base sorry was a man being forced out of retirement to help find this unknown killer. This killer puts the main character against himself as he’s trying to figure out what’s happening. This was incredibly hard to film when you have two people, the trailer was supposed to be a lot different but Jonno decided he did want to do anything so a 3 man project became a 2 and we couldn’t get anyone else so it kinda put a damper on the production.

We went through multiple different ideas but one idea that came through was a detective getting back to his job. We just needed a story to go around it, we started with look at noir styled games and movies to build on our story. We wanted a the do to with phycology and dreaming, we had an ideas you have seen before in a previous page.

We looked all over for places to film but we wanted a gritty opening after the safe introduction so we thought car parks and back alleys since we wanted the character to be alone, secluded by the killer. So we went to two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton we chose the places because they where dirty and gave a great atmosphere to the scene. We used a toy prop gun which was blue to begin with but we spray painted it to make it look realistic and luckily we were out of the way enough to not bother anyone whilst filming.

So my role in the trailer was to keep the story making sense in the narrative and the fact we only have 2 people to film it so a lot of the scenes would just me as Rokas will have to do the sound and camera whilst I’m acting. By doing this we tried to add dramatic tension by not showing the killer but to make you think and work out the story for yourself. I will also be assisted Rokas during the editing process and so we can make a firm decision about the end product of the trailer, as the director I need to make sure it looks good otherwise it could look like a sloppy mess. On set I wear a long jacket and always have a serious look on my face as this is supposed to be a serious trailer.

Alex: Main actor, assistant editor, director, writer, props

Rokas: Cameraman, sound man, background actor

The equipment we’re going to use are decent lighting for scenes that happen to take place in a darker area and using a reflector as well to get that across. We will also need a decent sound source with a high quality camera.

Film Noir Trailer development 1

film noir concept 1

Retired detective call for his last job – Movie -Starts of with a man in is late 40s early 50s walking around his suburban house alone, a very normal situation walks into down the same old routine. This happens five or six times until he’s at his regular coffee shop when two men in uniform sit at his table with a preposition.This gives him life to do one last job (he takes the job immediately). He goes to hell and back to uncover the truth behind this underground organization until he finds out something he shouldn’t of. This movie is brutal.

film noir concept 2

Young policeman gets mixed into a job he can’t escape – movie – This boy thinks he can do anything proving he can take down the tough criminal in his line of duty until he gets dragged into the underground of that time. The boy has to keep his morals whilst trying to survive the dark side of the world like Corruption, women, gambling and the mob.


Director – Alex

Writer – Alex

Actor – Alex

Cameraman – Jonathan

Sound Design – Rokas/Jonathan

Editing – Rokas


The main character wakes up, and it seems as if his life is in a loop. He is living a very mundane life, we will present this in our trailer by showing scenes of him following the same in a loop. This routine consists of him waking up in the morning, followed by him brushing his teeth and then eating. Concluding the loop is the character putting on his coat and leaving his house. These scenes will be looped multiple times, with each loop increasing in speed until it seems to be snapping frame to frame.  This is a representation of the lack of substance and excitement in his life. While the audience will not catch this in the trailer, the protagonist is, in fact, a detective, and he has been left to his life from an incident that occurred earlier in his life, an incident that ended his career. The loop is broken with a hard cut to a new scene. This scene is of him eating in a cafe alone and 2  shady figures in black suits enter the cafe and sit next to him. The men ask him if he wants to get back to business. This will probably not be audible in the final cut, as the camera will zoom into the protagonists lower half of his face, stopping to a smirk. A gradual hold, then a cut to black. This black cut will hold momentarily. After this point, the trailer rapidly increases in speed with short snaps of gritty and dark activities taking place such as murder, extortion, chasing, blood, action etc with a hard conclusion, being a question. The first and only narrative line in the trailer. Said question is yet to be written.

We will need a high-quality camera, microphone and lighting in order to get the scenes we need for the trailer, the trailer is aimed towards people at an age of about 16 plus as the main movie will contain much more violence and physiological aspects in the full release. The plan for the trailer is to find a place which is dirty, run down and looks like its been through a lot much like a construction site, a dark alley or a car park. The editing will we done in premier pro as there aren’t many effects in the trailer we won’t need it, for the text we would use photoshop to create in then insert it in.

Sound Design

For music choice, I have presented the track “Life is but a Dream”

Single Camera Techniques

A Single-camera technique is mainly used in shows like comedies, documentaries and dramas using only one camera in the process every shot on set would have been filmed with the one camera. In post production when there are a lot of different things to focus on in a scene, so the editors cut between them because they have to film from lots angles this also allows some longer scenes to get cut down if it’s too long and won’t fit in. For it to even fit into as show the producer has to make a decision at the beginning to see if the show would work with a single camera. Shows that use the use single camera techniques are shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine,  the inbetweeners, the walking dead and US office.


The walking dead, Serial Horror fiction, because this show is called a series it a continuation of the previous episodes for example if one action or death happens in one episode it will continue to the next, the loss of that person will be shown through the people and mentioned throughout the next few episodes. Airing on the AMC television network, as well as on DVD/Blu-ray after each series has aired. This show generally uses a linear structure, having the main chunk of each episode appear in chronological order.  The Walking Dead also uses many cliff hangers halfway through a season and at the end of a season. Thus making it an open ending. An example of a cliffhanger is at the end of episode 16, season 6, this episode being the last in the season. An example of a cliffhanger is at the end of episode 16, season 6, this episode being the last in the season. At the end of the episode, a new main enemy is introduced. This enemy has to choose someone in the group to kill. After a long and intense sequence he finally chooses someone, however, it is seen from the perspective of the person who is chosen, and no names are said. Once the sound effects of a gritty death have taken place with a black screen, the episode ends. Also, some points like the first scene in an episode or just after an advertisement break, some flashbacks are used.  An example of a flashback is at the beginning of episode 2, season 2. This scene takes place before the zombie apocalypse setting that this show depicts. It shows the wife of one of the main characters picking up her son after school, and having to tell her son that his father had been shot. (The father being a police officer) Once the child starts looking upset it then immediately cuts back to the current time of the family in the zombie apocalypse. I think that this is done to show how far the characters have come, and to make you remember that these killers and scavengers are meant to be a family. The Walking Dead also uses many cliff hangers halfway through a season and at the end of a season. Thus making it an open ending. Saying that it made the first episode of season one of the most viewed episodes out of every episode of The Walking Dead. The lighting in The Walking Dead appears to make everything seem a bit duller than it may actually look in real life. I think that this is done to emphasize the decay and apocalyptic world that this series is set in. When it comes to scripting, the TV show often bases their narrative of the comic book as that was released first in 2003, however the producers of the TV show often change certain parts in order to keep the audience guessing, for example, the characters Daryl & Merle Dixon are a part of the TV show but are non-existent in the comics. A TV drama, which is The Walking Dead, is an exaggerated life situation with more drama, narrative, and issues.


Brooklyn Nine Nine is a police-based comedy first made in 2013, which stars actors such as Terry Crews, Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz. We can see with this production a cameraman/ woman tends to follow around the cast with only a couple of cameras, that and a lighting man and a couple of boom men to capture the sound of each actor. When looking at various episodes we can see that ‘Brookyn Nine-Nine uses the cinematic technique called “hand-held camera” in which a cameraman deliberately doesn’t put a camera on a stand so then there would be more movement for the camera, additionally it makes the audience feel a part of the programme, instead of sitting in a stationary, frozen position. Furthermore, the cameraman tends to zoom out and in if they want particular shots, rather than retaking certain shots, both saving time and directing the audience on whether they should be looking at a character’s reaction or an entire scene. The show is a police Sitcom, a sitcom is a type of comedy based on a group of characters who carry over from episode to episode. The story carries out throughout the series following the characters through their lives and referencing past episodes keeping the story open and sequential.


The US Office is a comedy tv show that displays the antics and life of people in an office in America. Rather than show just the happy times they show us the ups and downs of people working in this office, given that it’s mainly good times brings us closer to the characters and their personality. One of the main parts of the show is parts when the have one to one talks with characters about what been going on in the office recently. The show films during the day mainly, working hours, but when people stay later they stay and film it, so the lighting is mainly normal but with the office lights the may use some artificial lighting for the interview parts but that’s about it. When it comes to writing they try to keep in as random as possible, as if anything could happen because of the office revelries, for example, this gives the viewer the idea that they can guess what’s going to happen. Even though shows like Outnumbered is unpredictable they do a lot less shaky cam and don’t usually follow the character because they don’t interact with the cameramen, acknowledging them,  but it the us office they do because it’s a big part of the show and by doing this it really adds to documentary feel and by doing this build the story for the characters effortlessly. The office was filmed with a single camera set up to make the show feel more like a documentary as it had no laugh track or audience which got its one of a kind humor to be shown across better. The main force that drives the show is that the camera crew had decided to film Dunder Mifflin and its employees and the presence of the camera is shown through the characters in a somewhat confessions moment in the show.


The inbetweeners it yet another shows the displays the life of people without them knowing. This tv show is full of quick cuts and comedic igneous, and I think because of these quick cuts between the gags give the extra comedic effect showing that these characters aren’t your average group of teens as they are constantly out to get each other. It’s quite a witty show so the music that goes with it has to be good, and it is the music that comes with the inbetweeners set up the jokes and when something funny to the character is going to happen perfectly using slo-mos and zoomed reactions to get the best out of the scene, and the best part about it the jokes aren’t forced or rushed the let the set up do all the work out of it, then getting the reaction out of you and building the scene perfectly but keeping the story open for reference in later episodes and later in the episode. This show is an English sitcom which follows these unusual boys through their high school years. The story keeps the characters ideas and relationships but never really talk or bring up previous episode so it kind of keeps a linear story but each episode has a different plot, this works well for the show as it gives a new exciting story for the viewer as I feel it wouldn’t work well as a show like Eastenders as that show has a more of a sequential story and Inbetweeners is a bunch of one-offs. The inbetweeners have their own movies which follow the same techniques in most scenes of it, following the same basic story of the inbetweeners it adds more to the story developing the characters and showing us more of the inbetweeners world. The show tries to give a somewhat realistic look at some teenage boys lives through high school, even though some parts of the show are unrealistic and exaggerated you could still see them happening in real life but most likely not everyone that unlucky.


Kingston Noir

Directing – Viktorija, Alex             Filming – Jonathan                  Acting – Me

Film Noir – In this film noir project we had to show our film, directing and editing skills to pull off a small film noir piece. Throughout the lesson working on this project we had to keep referencing to old movie to see how they did it since thats where film noir originated, this helped us get the angles and shots needed to give off the feel we where going for. We repeated the scenes to get the best look because usually scenes aren’t perfect on the first go so you keep doing it until it works out in the end.

Editing – In the editing process I already had a good idea of what the end piece should look like for example black and white for the old timely feel, but to add that extra look I added a filter to make it look like the film was filmed on an old camera, then brightened the whites and darkened the blacks to really give it a dangerous feel.