FMP Production development

After the production of my animatic, I started to look into ways to produce my animation. So the first step on things to do was to produce the backgrounds to the scenes so I wouldn’t have to go back and add in the backgrounds after the animation has been made, it also helps me set the characters up better in the scene. I used Photoshop to draw the backgrounds and based them on the scenes from my sketches and the angles they are at. In Adobe Photoshop I ensure I named all the layers appropriately so then I wouldn’t get confused in my animating process, even if it meant naming six+ layers which I did for certain frames. As I wanted my final animatic to be 1080×1920 I had to create each shot to this size. As I didn’t want to stretch the frame to where parts of the sketches were missing I used the Clone Stamp and Spot Healing Brush Tool to fill in the empty gaps. I did notice that some edges weren’t visible on the moving layers so I drew them in with the Paint Brush Tool. The sketches help me plan out the angles better for the final animation so if I need to rotate an angle more I can at this stage. After planning the room I start searching for colours for the room, I based the room off my old living room cream for the walls and I feel the end look works well and compliments each other. After that adding other objects like the chair and window which went through the same process as before.

After I finished the background designs I started to design the intro page starting in the sky and then moving down to reveal the houses where the boys are. I had the idea for this intro from the beginning as I felt it was a good way to start and reveal the boys in the house. I did this scene by making three different photoshop files one for the logo another for the sky/clouds and the third for the houses.


This is the final animatic including a lot of scenes that I will use in the final piece and some that were scrapped (if you wanna watch the whole thing check out the other post). In this animatic, you will see the characters pre colour this is the base of what the final animation will be before I work out the collours of the final animation.Turn around 2.jpgturn around 1.jpg

These are the full character turnarounds of the two main characters, with colour. This turnaround is based of the drawn one I did in my sketchbook. I used these character turnarounds frequently in the production of my animation for reference, this helps speed up production time when I was stuck with the characters on stupid angles.

In the animation, I switched frequently between four main software, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Animate. For the drawn part of the animation, I used Photoshop and Animate to work out the pacing and the drawing. For the editing, I used the other software. It may seem like more work but my using more software it kinda split up the workload and made me feel better about my project.

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