AR/VR Final Video/questionnaire

VR Trailer:

Questionnaire feedback:

Do you feel the story of the video is engaging?

  • yes
  • Yes!

How original do you feel the story is compared to other game trailers? Explain

  • – Sort of original, I feel like it has been done before
  • – Quite original though I didn’t know what the story involved as the player was just looking around rather than interacting with the environment

–  Response –

In the future, we’ll try to add something more special to make the trailer more independent and original.

Does the sound fit the trailer? Explain

  • Yes the audio fits the trailer well
  • Yes, works very well with the atmosphere

How does the background look? Explain

  • The backgrounds were well made
  • Colourful and detailed, would be interesting to see another world in Arcadia

Would you interested in buying this game after watching the trailer?

  • Yes
  • NO

Out of 10 how well do you feel the visuals hold up?

  • 8/10
  • 8/10

Out of 10 how well do you feel the graphics help the story?

  • 8/10
  • 8/10

Overall I feel the trailer looked good but what could be improved is maybe adding moving scenery and wildlife and making the user feel like they are in the world better. Also, we could clean um the keying to make it crispier.

Questionnaire: \/