FMP Room Designs


I want to keep the rooms simple enough so it will be easier to implement when animating. For example, the room from Regular Show is quite simple and the kinda feel I want from the room, a plain room with a sofa and some background items. The look below is quite watercoloured whilst the family guy room has plain colours so I’ll have to work out something to what I think feels best in the long run and that the characters fit into.


This front view of the characters is what in my animation will look like for quite a lot of the animation. So I will use these images as reference when making the backgrounds.


This wider shot of the room reveals more of the environment of the room, it’s quite an empty room so it much easier to do when making the background. Also, the colours in the regular show are soft creamy colours giving the room a safe feel so it balances out with the main character’s actions.


As you can see Family Guy use a lot of plain colours with slight shadows for details, this simple style compliments the look/design of the characters. When I finish the digital design of the characters I will make the background to compliment the characters so they feel like they would live in this world.

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