FMP Fight Scene and Style Research

Style Research:

I find a lot of inspiration through modern tv shows as the display a simplistic style but with some level of detail through shadows and backgrounds. As you can see below this adventure time fight scene is a great display of modern animation in a simple but effective fight scene. This is the fun light heart and effective fight scene I would like to do in my animation, making it fluid and fun showing the characters really going for one and other through a simple animation.

Punisher “Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher”, By far one of the best animated movies from Marvel. I like that they have decided to go with an anime feel to the animation. Everything is smooth, well drawn and showcases both characters very well. Punisher’s brutality has never really been captured until now. Especially how well trained he is. In the live action movies, they show very little of Punisher’s H2H capabilities and to be honest I feel like they didn’t quite capture the character either. This all changes in this action-packed animated film. A well-written story, with chemistry that I didn’t expect from Black Widow and The Punisher. Punisher shows his ruthlessness, cunning, and no bullsh*t attitude. No hesitation at all. Just straight murder. Punisher starts by killing off a small army of men with knives to the head and one handed neck snaps.

Fight scene Research:

Obviously, the fight scene won’t be a brutal and realistic as the raid fight scene as my animation is supposed to be light-hearted and for a younger audience but this fight scene gives you an idea of great hand to hand combat in close quarters. Since my fight scene is close this alongside other great fight scenes will give e an idea of what I want to add. The adventure time fight scene above gives the idea of what I want the monster fight to be in the animation.

How to write a good fight scene:

  1. Don’t overwrite it – It’s apparently general rule according to online websites that you should leave as much to the reader’s imagination as you can, and this is doubly true for action scenes. The choreography of the fight may be exact in your head but you can’t force readers to see the same thing.
  2. Pace -Intensifying the pace of your writing can communicate the immediacy and suddenness of conflict. Short, simple sentences keep the reader on their toes. Fights happen quickly and your description needs to match that.
  3. Perspective – It’s difficult to communicate excitement when you describe something objectively. Hovering around the fight describing the actions of both characters sets a limitation on how gripping the experience can be. The key is to thrust the reader into the thick of the action and to do that they need to experience the fight through a character.
  4. Fight scenes demand brevity and adverbs are the opposite. Instead of ‘Adam hit him hard in the chest, again and again,’ use ‘Adam pounded at his chest’.

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