AR/VR Editing Development

The first thing Rokas did in after effects were to import all of the files and them in order. Since me and Rokas did the 3D landscape we had to import the stills into the editing software. On the landscape, there was a lot of shadows which were put in on Maya when making the 3D landscape. Some of the clips with me irl didn’t match the lighting of the 3D made the world so we changed it in layers modes from Normal to Screen (located in the composition tab on the bottom left). In addition to that, he changes the size of the IRL greenscreen scenes to make the fact that I actually in the game more believable.

Once I exported the clip from Adobe After Effects, I then imported it into Adobe Premiere Pro, where I would then add in the sound that was found and made by Liam. As the audio was very jumbled in the clip I created in After Effects I got the audio from the original clip and put it over the top. A few of the clips audio levels were quite high compared to the rest so I had to decrease the volume using Volume> Levels. This stage wasn’t difficult as I had worked with syncing audio with video before in my ‘Warburtons Advert’ and ‘Film Noir Trailer’.Image result for after effects

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