FMP Story and Characters

Concept Story Ideas:

When developing the story I came up with slightly different ideas that moved in different ways these are those ideas.

The original intro: The scene opens with the front od the house showing the main house as well as the Nabours with two people standing out front, the scene then cuts to the interior with the camera facing the door. Following a knock, at the door, a young child runs and opens the door to reveal another young boy and his mother. They instantly run upstairs into the main boy’s bedroom where the scene starts.                                                       [I decided to change this because it felt like too much of a long winded intro for the animation also to make it easier for myself as having the opening door and the boys running upstairs would add a lot more time to the production of the animation.]

Full Story:

Intro:                                                                                                                                                                       The start of the animation begins with the title of the animation in the sky, which the working title is “Play Fighting”, then the camera pans down the street where the house is and proceeds to zoom in on the bottom window of the main house. Then through the window, you see two boys playing with their toys. The boys proceed to grab the same toy and this indicates the fight. They back off of each other into a duel like stance and we see the boy 1 with a light saber and the second boy with an arm attachment which he proceeds to put on.                                                                                                                                                               The Fight:                                                                                                                                                              The fight begins with the second boy putting on the arm attachment, once the attachment is on a rocket comes out of it at fires towards the boy 1 which he destroys with his light saber. After he has cut the rocket the boy lunches with his lightsaber towards boy 2 and pins him to the ground for a few seconds but then he his blasted away. Now the boys have split up boy 2’s arm changes into a full body suit and shoot a rocket which makes a small explosion that covers over boy 1 hiding him in dust, boy two looks around for him when suddenly two eyes appear glowing. The eyes get higher and higher, the camera cuts to the boy in the suit looking scared about what’s happening and then out of the dust you see Godzilla. The boy in the suit starts to run away when he’s grabbed by Godzilla and gets dragged away from the camera. Boy 1 puts boy 2 in his mouth and goes off screen where a bunch of explosions happens which appear on the screen and when we see them again they’re in their normal form.                                                                                                                         Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                           As the boys are in an entangled position Darth Vader walks into the room and we see the boy shocked about seeing this. The camera goes back to the Darth Vader staring them down then back to the boy and back to Darth Vader but instead of Darth Vader it’s their mother looking unimpressed and says dinners ready. The boys squint their eyes like they did at the begining before they started fighting.                                                                                     CREDITS


Boy 1 – Character only

Boy 2 – Character only

Mum – Voice and character

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