FMP Art Show Research

I went to the affordable art fair in London to get inspiration and to learn about other peoples work to get ideas to help me with my final piece. Going around and seeing people’s styles and designs gave me ideas for house designs, character designs and somewhere just paintings I liked. The first ever Affordable Art Fair launched in Battersea Park in October 1999. 10,000 people who loved art went to the art fair to take advantage of the ease of buying, a range of choice at a cheap price. At each event combined there are around 220,000 artists.

This first lot of pictures above gave me ideas for the house the characters live in and general nature inspiration. The main piece out of these that gave me a good idea of what I want the characters house to be was the top painting, in the painting you see an old English school and houses this is the type of style I originally wanted for the houses, it’s a traditional English house. The other painting gave me a good idea of colour blending when I work on my animation, the greens in the grassland paintings show how to make greenery feel explored and the others give me a good idea how the use of bright colours in a building.

These next set of paintings gave me ideas for the style of the characters as there are like cartoon characters and some are pop art.The big piece in this section was my favorite for its use of colour and mixing it in with a giant creature, this is the type of cartoon-like monster I want on mine and the way they keep him in silhouette really makes the piece stand out to me. The pop art styled paintings gives more of a cartoony feel at the use a comic like the style as well as in one the use of the pink panther this gave me a good idea for the type of colours to use in the animation as well as the style.

The rest of these are just paintings I liked and stood out to me from the beautiful landscapes to the unrealistic fox character. The fox painting could show a lot of things like the fox represents a predator and therefore the police are seen as predators or how foxes are perceived as violent it’s very open to consideration (plus it reminds me of my GTA character). The others are less about the certain theme but about showing beautiful landscapes and scenery and they are done well through the use of vibrant colours.

Overall I feel going to this art fair has helped be consider the use of colour more throughout my animation to make it pop in the parts such as outside and when here are explosions. Also the development of house I want those first paintings gave me a great start to what I want at the end for the houses.

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