FMP Treatment

The working title of my animation is “Play Fighting”. The genre for my animation the short feature will be around 1:30 – 2:00 as this is around the right time to fit the fight into. The overall target audience would be for young teens and kids around the age of 10 but I’m making it in a simplistic way so that it can be enjoyed by anyone. One of the reasons I’m making it for kids around that age is because a lot of modern 2D cartoons especially in TV are made for the audience I stated, especially with the type of themes my animation has in it wouldn’t be appropriate for very young ages as it includes a lot of fighting in it.

The main outline of the animation is two boys playing with their toys happily when suddenly they both grab the same toy, they immediately stair each other down and this initiates the fight. The goes on for the majority of the animation as they use their imagination to conjure up weapons to use in this fight for example lightsabers and robot suits. The overall climax of the animation is when Darth Vader appears to the shock of the boys but this is disrupted by the mother of one of the boy’s mothers saying dinners ready this snaps everyone back to reality where Darth Vader is just the boy’s dad wearing a mask, then they all leave the room. The characters don’t have names as they don’t really need names but for the sake of it boy 1 – Bill and boy 2 is Ted, both boys are into the same kinda things so that’s why they are playing with the same toys, the boys are bot 10 years old and obviously male. They don’t have a partially interesting backstory as the backstory is Ted came around to Bill’s house for a sleepover and they are playing their toys before dinner.

For audio, I am looking for a background song to play and go along with the animation, I am still currently looking for the right song as it has to go with the theme and style of the animation. There might be some sound effects of the hits and for some of the props they use like a lightsaber but I don’t know how well it will sound over the top of music but I will do some testing when the time comes. The only dialogue is the mother saying sinners ready and I could get any woman to say that.

The reason I chose this idea is because of its fun and entertaining, what makes this animation interesting isn’t just the fighting its how they do it and the reason why the are fighting. The reason they are fighting is a toy and that adds a funny aspect to the fight as they’re doing this whole fight over a toy, furthermore, they aren’t just fist fighting using their imagination creates all kinds of features I could add to the end animation.

For research, I have to look into different kinds of animated videos from TV cartoons to internet self-made cartoons, this will help me create this animation as I can use ideas and learn techniques from them to help me with my animation. I will also use internet forums to ask questions and get feedback on my ideas to see how other people feel about my desitions. The equipment I will need for this animation would be a computer, the correct software for the animation like After effects and TVPaint (the animation software I’ll be using), drawing pad and a sketch book.I have a production timeline so if I keep to it I should stay on track to finishing this animation on time. Some of the problems I might face would be not making the animation the standards I hope but I should be able to make it look good.



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