AR/VR Promo filming development

This post is for updating the blog on how up to date we are with the filming process of the promo trailer. Fortunately, we finished filming yesterday, 6th march, we completed the scenes we filmed in front of the green screen and the scenes we used a plain room for.

For the first scene, we shot it was in one of the spare rooms at college, it’s a small office we could use as a test room for the story. Each shot in this area would be, the first shot is the main character coming into the room by coming up the starts whilst looking nervous the walks in the room, the second shot is the main character is coming into the room, the third shot is the character sitting down then the second character the scientist walks in and places a box down in front of the main character where the have a few lines of dialogue and the scientists walk out and the main character puts the headset on. We shot every part of the scene multiple times so we can pick the one we feel is most effective.  For this scene what I think went well is that we’re getting across the story and that the virtual experience will get across better, for what didn’t go well is that the way and angles we filmed at weren’t what I had imagined, but hopefully it’s for the best.  I feel that it could have been improved if we had a full equipment list like a boom mic, a higher quality camera, and a light source this would bump up the production value and overall make it look higher quality.

The second scene, this is entirely a green screen scene of the main character in the virtual world experiencing the wonders of it for the first time, each time the main character does another new movement it changes the environment for example from a forest to an ocean. Again we filmed this scene multiple times to ensure we had the clips we needed. What I think went well was the smoothness of the scene and how it was taken as it basically was what I wanted to shoot, what didn’t go so well was that some of the shadows from the lights were quite hard to get rid of whilst filming. To improve this again I would use some better equipment to increase the quality of the video.

Overall I feel it went well and now we can start editing together to make it look even better basically we are in post-production now so it the final stretch but we still have a lot to do.




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