AR/VR Planner

In our group, there are 5 people including myself: Elliott, Rokas, Josh, Liam

The assignment began week starting 20th February –

 Monday 20th February- Research : Concept of AR/VR –

  • Produce a historical timeline of AR/VR in fiction and visual media. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Tuesday 21th February- Research : Game Concept –

  • Devise a game concept and from this chose which story mechanism your promo will follow – investigate a range of media where AR/VR is used. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Wednesday 22nd February- Research: Treatment & Visual Identity –

  • Produce a story idea in the form of a Treatment
  • Research your ideas for a visual identity, look at visual references for scenes, props and characters. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th- Research: Finish any remaining research tasks and go over research tasks completed to make sure they are to good standard.

Monday 27th February- Asset Production: Generate Ideas-

  • Generate drawings, images, photos, and found materials of ALL the assets you intend to use in your promo. This will include scene, character and props that will appear in your production. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Tuesday 28th February- Asset Production: Graphics

  • Consider graphics and titling to be used in your promo, collect examples of font and designs for logos. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Wednesday 1st March- Asset Production: Gathering Assets

  • Produce scans, animations, live footage, 2D/3D and stop-motion animation, gameplay and collect internet and copyright free material of the assets that you will use in your promo. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Thursday 2nd March – Sunday 5th March- Asset Production: Soundtrack

  • Generate a soundtrack and sound effects using Garageband, Audition, live instruments, etc. If using spoken word produce a script and record this narration using industry standard techniques. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Monday 6th March – Prepare Files : Organisation

  • Organise and label files into the correct folder structures using industry techniques for naming conventions. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Tuesday 7th March – Prepare Files: Storage Device

  • Store these files onto the correct storage devices.(Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Wednesday 8th March – Prepare Files: Editing Visual Assets

  • Manipulate and edit the visual assets using background and motion effects (including chromakey techniques), filters, transitions and titling. Use After Effects and Premier Pro. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Thursday 9th March – Sunday 11th March – Prepare Files : Audio

  • Manipulate and edit the audio assets to fit the visual edit. Use Garageband, Audition, recorded narration (ADR) and Foley. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Monday 12th March – Prepare Files : Final Edit

  • Edit both Video and Audio assets to create a final edit, output these to the correct compression settings for: a) Youtube/Vimeo web streaming upload. b) In-game video. (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh & Liam)

Tuesday 13th March – Prepare Files : Final Promo

  • Upload the promo to the desired destination (YouTube and/or Vimeo)
  • Check for colour grading and studio quality and adjust values to suit purpose.
  • Feedback from a test screening
     (Me,Elliott, Rokas, Josh  & Liam)
 Until 27th March go over all work to make sure it is distinction level standard and make sure everyone in the group is happy with the final result and each of their inputs have been heard.

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