AR/VR Sound development

Natural ambient sound:

Natural sound is a must have in this production as the person using the VR heads set will be going to different terrain and each terrain will have different ambient sounds like leaves blowing in the wind, water and birds for example. I have collected sounds from local packs and water streams to get a feel for the natural environment and what to and what not have in the game. In the park audio there are a lot of birds chirping and the distant sounds of cars but in the actual game, there aren’t any cars so they won’t be any of those. I also looked up audio one websites like youtube and freesound to try to get other ideas for the sound to add into the game for reference and ideas.

Background music:

I’m still not fully sure if there will be any background music in the game as I feel the moment of development we are in that the natural sound could be enough but until we’re into post production I won’t know as we could make something work to add over the top or slide in underneath of the promo. If I was to add music in I would make the music go with the scenery, for example, happy music for a wooded area,  light and relaxing music for an area with water and maybe slightly deeper and dark tone for night time so the player really feels immersed wherever he or she is.

This Soundcloud mix was produced by Liam, it closely resembles old video games first levels with its soft tune and calm nature, these are usually used to ease the player into the game to learn how to get around.


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