AR/VR Treatment/Story Development

Story Development:

The story starts with the main character, we’ll call him John, John is in an older building for a test group for an unknown product he is expecting a normal sized group as that’s what test groups normally are. The scene starts with the camera on the door, John opens the door and goes in then sits down. A second later a man in a lab coat walks in and places the box down in front of I’m on a table. Just after the box is placed on the table John asks “Wheres the test of the test group” when the scientist quickly replies “You are the test group” then walks out the room leaving John in there alone with the VR goggles. There is a voice over the top of the room coming from a speaker, it’s the scientist that walked in, he says “John, please could you put on the headset,” John looks at the headset nervously and continues to put the headset on. As soon as the headsets on he is warped into another world the world of VR, looks around experiences the worlds, then takes it off. The scientist speaks again “How do you feel John”, John sits there panting then just smiles.


The working title is VR Experience we are going with this name because we haven’t thought of a fully fleshed out name so we’re sticking with this at the moment. This short promo will be an advert about a VR headset, this also is a very very short film as the promo is mainly about the person’s experience with virtual reality. The overall target audience would be towards adults and late teens as the product will be quite expensive in price so most young folk wouldn’t have the money and would most likely treat it badly, also  I’ve done some research into virtual reality and the age range of people who are most likely to buy them and adults etc where this people who bought most. The main character is a nervous man going to a test group to make some quick money and is uneasy about everything but when he experiences VR for the first time and comes out he’s like a whole new person full of life showing how fun virtual reality is. The first set of scenes in the first room when the man first experiences VR we will need lighting, camera, sound and the VR headset as a prop and maybe a lab coat for the scientist, the shot set will be when the man opens the door and goes in the camera will be looking at the door coming from the outside going in, then the camera will be in the room, then next set of shows will be entirely in front of a green scene as the man’s in the virtual space, again we will need to get lighting, a camera, sound (boom mic) that will cover those shots. For audio in the VR world there maybe some themed background music but 100% there will be ambient noise such as a breeze and birds chirping for example. I feel this is a good idea for the project as it shows a man becoming happy again and that from the experience it gave in happiness also I feel that this trailer will keep the audience watching because of its strange nature and the interest to find out what’s going on will happen, to make this I will need to learn more about Maya to create the virtual worlds so the modelling of the world then converting it to a polygon state is something I will need to work on. Some of the problems that we may encounter are that we might not find the perfect place to film the opening scene and the 3D work not being to scratch but we can work on that when it comes, we will most likely finish the 3D work when we get to post production. The only thing we may have to buy would be the lab coat the scientist wears as the equipment like the camera sound and the VR headset we can borrow from the college.





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