AR/VR Story/Enviroment Development

Story development 1:(changed)

The trailer will start with a bored man sitting on the sofa with nothing do to when suddenly there is a knock at the door, he disregards it, after ignoring the know he is promptly hit in the head with a box. He looks back at the door, it’s still shut, after a few seconds of being confused he opens to box and to his surprise its a VR headset. He puts the headset on and it has taken to another world, this surprises him and he takes it off really quickly, he looks amazed. He puts it on and experiences the VR game and looks like he’s enjoying everything then finally then the logo of the gaming company comes up and maybe the name of the game.

Work process:

To begin we have some people working on a logo for the trailer and the others work on the story/game so we can optimize the working process.

Visual Identity:

Development ideas for the trailer, as we want different terrains as we want each area to be on a different planet. These pictures below are from the game “Small radio’s Big televisions” this game is a puzzle game using tapes as portals to another virtual world inside the game. So some plants have bright colours and others will be darker, and of course, we can’t make too many as it would be harder to make them. The game will be stylized towards a polygon theme. To make this we’ll ever use Maya to make the world beforehand and add it in via a green screen when we edit it or we could make it in real time in a game software such as Unreal engine or unity so it could be like a real game.


GD2 – Please continue the tasks set last week starting with the following:

  • Finish the game visual identity. Think about colour schemes and how this will be reflected in the promo, will it be produced in muted tones or loud primary colours? Which typeface will you use? Does it look professional? How does it relate to your actual game idea?
  • Continue with your promo. Finish the logo and titles…show both sketched and digital development of these ideas. If you are producing a title of moving graphic…this will have to be storyboarded.
  • You should have different people taking up different roles in this production. Reflect on what has been achieved and who is doing what. Write your short report on Moodle.

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