Film Noir Final Piece/feedback

I’m quite pleased with the outcome with the trailer, but I feel if we had a full team we could have made it better with more action. On the other hand, I think we did well for a number of people we had.

The song we used was “life is but a dream” by the Harptones, we chose this song as it fitted in with the feel of the trailer we were going for, an old song to fit inside of a modernized version of an old-fashioned film noir type movie. The song was cut down to fit the trailer.


The general feedback for our trailer was positive with some people calling it “Annoyingly good trailer”. Every group praised our use of the song “life is but a dream” and how we used it in the trailer, with people saying that it adds a dramatic aspect to the trailer as well as making it feel relatable. Although one group said that they didn’t understand the story/narrative of the trailer we weren’t really going for a story theme, even though we did add hints to the story, we wanted a tense aspect so people would want to figure out why is this happening. Also on every feedback sheet, people enjoyed the use of the shadow fight scene to make a hint of danger. Overall I feel most people enjoyed the mood and direction of the trailer going off their feedback but the trailer could show more of the story.

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