AR/VR Story Development

Techniques to use in the game:

  1. Creating a 3D environment and putting the player into that environment to show that the person would be in the game, for example creating a would in Maya or a game engine, then filming IRL a person with a VR headset on in front of a green-screen then putting them together.
  2. We could create a standing experience with the world moving around the person as more of a feel for or instead of a full game
  3. A mobile game when you use it to change the surrounding area into a game. For example like pokemon go but a different style of game, so this would be more of an AR experience.

Depending on how much go into each the one that would possibly take the longest would be option Uno as we would have to create different environments in a 3D software and then produce it into a trailer like a video.

Basic Treatment:

Starts off with a man putting on VR headset then the world converts into VR 3d space and he looks around to see what a wonderful place this is. The main equipment and software we will be using run the project are Maya as a main piece of software for the 3D environment and after effect/premier pro for editing, for filming we would need a high-quality camera life we used for the film noir project to film the live action content for the VR experience as well as that we would need lighting and possibly sound. The target audience for this project would be for ages 10+ or of whatever the VR headsets minimum requirement is. The full trailer will fit into a 20-second limit and will be a half 3D animation as that’s what we are using as the background environment.



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