Film Noir Trailer development 2

My team, minus Jonno, decided we wanted a trailer with a psychological aspect to it so we wanted to some how show it through our project. The base sorry was a man being forced out of retirement to help find this unknown killer. This killer puts the main character against himself as he’s trying to figure out what’s happening. This was incredibly hard to film when you have two people, the trailer was supposed to be a lot different but Jonno decided he did want to do anything so a 3 man project became a 2 and we couldn’t get anyone else so it kinda put a damper on the production.

We went through multiple different ideas but one idea that came through was a detective getting back to his job. We just needed a story to go around it, we started with look at noir styled games and movies to build on our story. We wanted a the do to with phycology and dreaming, we had an ideas you have seen before in a previous page.

We looked all over for places to film but we wanted a gritty opening after the safe introduction so we thought car parks and back alleys since we wanted the character to be alone, secluded by the killer. So we went to two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton we chose the places because they where dirty and gave a great atmosphere to the scene. We used a toy prop gun which was blue to begin with but we spray painted it to make it look realistic and luckily we were out of the way enough to not bother anyone whilst filming.

So my role in the trailer was to keep the story making sense in the narrative and the fact we only have 2 people to film it so a lot of the scenes would just me as Rokas will have to do the sound and camera whilst I’m acting. By doing this we tried to add dramatic tension by not showing the killer but to make you think and work out the story for yourself. I will also be assisted Rokas during the editing process and so we can make a firm decision about the end product of the trailer, as the director I need to make sure it looks good otherwise it could look like a sloppy mess. On set I wear a long jacket and always have a serious look on my face as this is supposed to be a serious trailer.

Alex: Main actor, assistant editor, director, writer, props

Rokas: Cameraman, sound man, background actor

The equipment we’re going to use are decent lighting for scenes that happen to take place in a darker area and using a reflector as well to get that across. We will also need a decent sound source with a high quality camera.

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