Film Noir Development 3

In pre-production, we need to write/draw the storyboard, the script, costumes. In the group, my job was to write the script and storyboard and this would be the main structure of what the trailer will become, but I did get input from the other member of the group to see what he thinks and to get ideas. I will also be directing and assisting with editing the final trailer so I would be telling Rokas where to film and at what angle etc. and I will be assisting with the editing, helping make scenes flow and to cut out errors. In the film industry tend to have multiple people doing every job, so we have to do everything since we are just two people.

The storyboard is based off my original idea when bouncing off ideas with Rokas. In my original Idea, there would be a lot more fighting and close ups but that grew to be difficult when we were a member down and decided to keep it in to keep you thinking. But the idea of having blackouts during the trailer really helped the flow. We mainly used the storyboards instead of writing a script, we did this when we lost a member because there wasn’t much speaking in the trailer.IMG_0381.JPGIMG_0380.JPGIMG_0379.JPGIMG_0378.JPG


Risk assessment sheets are great when it comes to small or large film productions because people have to be safe throughout the production, this usually included blunt objects, prop guns, body doubles and stunt cushions. With our production, we checked through this list seeing what would effect this filming and our health and if there were then we wrote down the severity rating going from 1 to 5. One of the conditions that we had to be careful with the most is weather as it would roughly be 5 degrees Celsius and we would be doing shots in the cold, this would be challenging as the actors could be uncomfortable and it could even damage the equipment.

The equipment list:

Canon Legria HF G10 Camera


Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic + Windshield

Tascam DR-40 XLR Recorder + XLR Cable

RODE Boom pole for mic

TH-650 HD Tripod

Camlink TP-1700 Tripod

NEEWER Cn-160 light

Location Checklist:


The edit:


Enter a caption

The edit was done in separate layers for ground audio and music audio. Video and audio were all recorded separately for an easier edit/ so they don’t get mixed up. Some video tracks were slowed down and spaced out for a better flow of the trailer and to fit in with the song. Each scene was filmed multiple times to ensure we got scenes we were happy with to go into the final piece. We used premiere pro and photoshop in the trailer as it was there weren’t any special effects in it, but I feel the fewer effects in the trailer add a tense feel to the trailer. Screenshot_4.png


The film would be a psychological film noir movie made to make the view question who’s who in each scenario. The movie would be aimed at 16+ as in the full release the movie would have a lot more violence and trauma. Before editing the trailer we laid out all of the video files put them into premiere pro into the rough idea we had for the trailer to make sure the look and feel of the tense feel would come through, after that we followed through to edit the trailer. After the editing was done we went through the trailer to make sure it felt right, unfortunately, in the final edit I look at the camera twice but we didn’t notice it when we went through it because premier pro kept lagging past the bit. Overall the final edit was basically what I had in mind for the trailer after were went through it to make it work with just one person but if we did have a full team we would’ve been able to add more fight scenes etc.

The Filming process:

Day one: We started with the opening scene with me waking up repeatedly, we film this at my house moving from room to room. We did each scene around 13 times each to ensure we had enough footage for editing and that if one scene wasn’t at a good enough standard we could use another one. We set up all camera equipment, sound and lighting in each room to always get the best quality of film at the right contrast, so moving the equipment from room to room was a bit of a hassle but we moved each piece equipment one by one to be safe. Unfortunately, I and Rokas couldn’t get anyone to join us and help film but we got by with what we had.

Day two: For this, we needed to get some props and get to the right filming spots, for the props we needed a gun for each shot of me walking, the only toy guns shops had weren’t the right colour of the video, even though the video is in black and white the gun would stand out as brighter so we bought some spray paint and sprayed it so it worked for the scene. We filmed in and around two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton to get the shots we needed. we went for these areas as there dark and dirty the kinda feel we wanted for the trailer. We did the sameish recording set up like we did in my house but in the public scenes.


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