Bouncing Ball/temple Maya

My first step is to insert sphere, to do this I selected the Polygon Sphere tool located on the top left tab. I used the shortcut key ‘s’, which would set a keyframe for all of the channels. If I wanted to alternate where the key frames were then I would select Windows> Animating Editors> Dope Sheet and tab would appear with the different set keyframes on a graph, I’d be able to move these by clicking the middle mouse button, or if I wanted to move two or more then I could highlight with the left mouse button and then use the middle button. When I was done with the dope sheet, I moved onto the Graph Editor it is below the Dope Sheet. The dope sheet makes the animation process smoother as it literally smooths the animation between key frames. In the Graph Editor tab, I selected the button named Auto Tangents, this would smooth out the event lines automatically. I made the ball more bouncy by selection a few points called tangents and rotated the angle of the lines.

Finally, to give the ball a more natural feel I needed to alter the shape of the ball on each bounce, I did this by using the scale tool, this tool is found on the left side tab. By doing this it gave the ball an course of impact with the floor. One last thing I did to make the animation appear realistic was to spin it as it travelled across this screen, I rotated the ball throughout the key frame, using the Channel Box/ Layer Editor, much like when I moving the ball across the screen, using ‘S’ to overwrite the previous coordinates on the Channel Box/ Layer Editor.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 09.08.15.png

To create the temple the first part was to create a small cuboid, this would be the column bases and top. The cylinder came next which you can find on the tab Polygon Cylinder, I then changed the size of the cylinder using the input tab to mimic the pillars used in temples. After I made the main column shape for the temple, I had to make the flooring underneath it. I using the Polygon Cube again, but this time I stretched out the cube to mimic a floor. The following steps I found difficult as I haven’t used Maya that much before so using the Insert edge Tool was a learning curve. To do this you go to Mesh Tools> Insert Edge Loop Tool when you select this a tab will appear where you can change the number of edge loops that would appear after you double clicked on the edge of the shape. After that, I moved the two lines to the edges of the shape leaving enough room for a step and then did the same edge loop technique but instead with lines that were perpendicular to the previous one. By holding down the middle mouse button a menu will pop up,  then I clicked the Face tool and went to Edit Mesh> Extrude. Following that, I repeated this process and created 3 more steps and moved the column to sit on the base. Additionally, I observed the fact that the base of the columns was larger than the top so in order to do that I clicked the right mouse button to bring up a side menu and then selected Vertex, this tool allowed be to select the corners of each ridge in made. To make the base larger all I did was highlight the bottom vertexes, select the Resize Tool and make them the appropriate size. With my first polygon, I used the Edge Loop Tool and changed the number of edge loops to 1 and increased the size by dragging the y-axis arrow up. To make my 3D sculpture to look like a Temple I added more cuboids between the roof and columns, varying in both depth, length, and width.



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