3D Object Final


In this task, we were asked to make a normal object come to life and have an emotion through the use of 3D animation. At the beginning of the task we had to decide an object we wanted to come to life I originally chose a whiteboard pen which would jump around with joy, I made an initial sketch in my book. But as I went on I  decided that the pen design wasn’t for me and scrapped it. With the Pen model fully built I started making the animation with the style I used in my book. I wanted a cartoony effect and I think it looked okay but it wasn’t what I wanted and decided to go with a pencil design instead.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.11.20.png

.Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.11.37.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.39.png


How I made the pencil: I took a cylinder (where you can find in the main toolbar under polygons) and used my pencil against my screen to get a realistic size of the pencil. I then changed the subdivisions of the cylinder so it matched the shape of the pencil, after that I added a circular based pyramid to the top and bevelled the ends to make the pencil look used (I did the same for the tip). I then added textures to also match my pencil. From looking at the shape of the pencil I could see that the tip (lead part) was not completely straight, in order to mould the shape to how I wanted it, I used the Insert Edge Loop tool found in the Mesh Tools tab.

Moving onto the main finish animation, firstly I built the pencil modelled it added colour using hypershade to add a wood texture and the pencil colours to do so. I modelled the pencil off my own pencils also using the bevel tool to give the pencils its curves. Once I had made the pencil and grouped the parts of it together I started to build and texture the world around it, so that includes the table walls and floor, which was simply done using square model stretched out to do so. On the table, I duplicated more pencils into a pile on the table to show that the main pencil isn’t the only on stuck on the table.

To add colour to each polygon I selected Windows> Rendering Editors> Hypershade, this was a tool I had previously worked with however I did find difficulty in how to use it. To create new colours/ textures in the Node Box, I held down right click selected Create and then Materials to select the correct shine for the material. The metal parts like the lead part would have more of a shine compared to the other parts of the pencil. To add colour all I did was go to the Property Editor located on the right of the Hypershade tab and selected the colour I wanted in the Common Material Properties bar.

If I was unhappy with the speed in which the pencil or movement then I would go to Windows> Animation Editors> Dope Sheet and adjust the distance by highlighting the what I wanted and move them by holding down the middle mouse button, but fortunately I never needed to do this as the animation went well.Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.39.png

After completing the animation and adding both a background and floor, I added lighting because if I didn’t you wouldn’t see anything but black. This was simple Create> Lights> Area Lights after I did this I aimed it at the group of pencils. I decided to add two area lights as they would be able to make certain parts clearer compared to just having one, I placed one at the top facing the pencils and the other underneath the table.

For animating the falling pencil, I when back to get a reference from the Bouncing Ball animation as they held information I forgot and I when back to, to remember. What I did first was creating a Polygon Cube and then stretched it using the Scale Tool located on the left menu bar.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.48.11.png

Then I started to animate the pencil using the structure I’d drawn and to try and give the emotionless pencil emotion. I used keyframing bit by bit to give the pencil life showing the pencil roll off the table and flip with joy. TO make it feel like the object was actually jumping with at least some realism, I timed myself making the pen jump then translated it to the software I did the same thing for when the pencil fell etc. I used the graph editor to smooth out the animation especially in the jumping part near the end, this helps the animation get a more smooth feel and not so clunky.grapheditor.png

To get to the graph editor you will need to go to Windows > Animation Editors > Graph Editor from the menu bar or use the view bar Panels > Panel > Graph Editor. To manipulate animation curves and keys within a graph view of a scene you need to select one of the pivot points (the dots on the line) then as the pint handles come out click and drag into your prefer position. Before you do anything in this tab though you should mess with the lines individually instead of cluttered on top of each other you do this by click the name of the line you want in the side bar on the left of the picture.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.23.png
This is where I changed the colours in Maya like I said before its called hyper-shade

After I was happy with the animation I started to render out the animation but as separate jpg files into a folder Render> Batch Render. I then uploaded the folder as a sequence into after effects where it plays as a smooth video, I added some extra lighting as well, then more rendering to the video it ended up as.

I’m quite pleased with how my animation turned out If I keep working I’ll be able to improve my work. As this is quite a simple animation I want to make my work better and more detailed. I think this would be a good promotion for a pencil as it shows the emotions of the pencil. The use of humour in jumping pencil movement will draw more of a young audience as I feel that the older  audience would want something more thought provoking but it’s just a bit of fun so the younger audience would appreciate it more. As my pencils have no gender as it is an inanimate object it will apply to both audience genders, this would be clearer if I was to change the colour to more of a unisex colour like red or purple. If I was to create a more in-depth longer animation then I would probably need a budget so then I could buy the program Maya on PC and a stapler from the stationary company to base my work off.

plz anything above pass, I beg, I tried


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