3D Development work

For my final piece, I create a short animation much like Pixar, in Maya a pencil is going through a different stretch of emotion. I chose to do a pencil in this piece because even though it’s easier than other things to create it as a 3D object it’s harder to produce it into an object with emotion.

I used my own pencil and drawings to portray the pencil and to think of how a pencil would act if it was given any emotion. SO I spent my time before making it in 3D moving it around my desk in a cartoon-like way, to see how it would move compared to the way I moved in my videos we recorded. To get different emotion we did different walk cycles, for example, happy, sad to see how a human would walk if showing the movements in an animation, so most of the movements were cartoon like but it helped when creating my piece.

To help get an idea of the shape and feel of the pencil I wrote down the key features of the pencil that I’m basing my animation off, for example, length and hexagon shape of the pencil had to be taken into account this helped a lot when moving it all into Maya to make the pencil. By drawing out an item before animating will definitely help in the future and will be even more helpful for character design as I could develop facial features, characteristics, clothing, body shape, etc and decide which one works the best.




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