Evaluation of game

In this task we were asked to design a 2D platformer and create it using unreal engine, we had to base it on the classics era so old gods and such.

I started by researching the classics area and 2D games from history, on the classics research I focused on old roman gods based on planets so gods like saturn. I chose these Gods because the style of game I wanted would be in the vein of games such as God of War. After I found out what I wanted to base the games characters on and got the base of the story done I started researching 2D platformers I liked the style of super metroid and more modern flush styles like ori and the blind forest so I eventually went for a mix of both, by that I mean O when for the background pixelated style in the same idea as super metroid and some new modern pixel games but keeping the character looking flush with a smooth character.

Before I started work on the game in the game development software I did more development on the on what the characters and scenery. I wanted to flush out the whole idea of the story and ideas I had on paper before putting them into the game, but after a while I came up with something I felt was good enough to start with the game. The first thing I started work on digitally was the main character, he started as a simple worker but as I developed the world more I made the main character related to the god Saturn making the main character a half god so in turn making him apart of the roman army as that felt more appropriate to the story and thats how I came up with the end design of the character. After I finish that I worked on the scenery I was heavily influenced by other games when in development on the background, I kept in mind what we did before with the desert piece I did, the part of the level I chose was was the beginning of the tutorial when the game starts of in the forest where you live and start you adventure to Rome, I chose this area because it would be the easiest place to show of the stylistic aspect of the game. Now we have the scenery, ground and the player time to up it in the game, although I’ve briefly used unreal engine before I’ve only really used Unty so it was a bit of a change and a learning point for me. To make this I went through many tutorials so I can get the basics done such as running, jumping then I progressed to do health and dieing which was a bit of a task but if I had more time to finish the game I would ad enemies and attacks but this shows what the game would look like. Using the background I created I made earlier I added to the game and made the background parallax when you run across the map.

Overall I am happy with how my game looks and what it’s like at the moment, but I’ll say it again If I had more time I would have made the game have more to it such as attacks and enemies. What could be improved would my work mentality to do work I feel if I did more at home I could have got more done I got more into it at the last few months of 2016 but I will work harder for my end piece. If you want to see the game click on another post with a video of what the game looks like in the software.


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