Film Noir Final Piece/feedback

I’m quite pleased with the outcome with the trailer, but I feel if we had a full team we could have made it better with more action. On the other hand, I think we did well for a number of people we had.

The song we used was “life is but a dream” by the Harptones, we chose this song as it fitted in with the feel of the trailer we were going for, an old song to fit inside of a modernized version of an old-fashioned film noir type movie. The song was cut down to fit the trailer.


The general feedback for our trailer was positive with some people calling it “Annoyingly good trailer”. Every group praised our use of the song “life is but a dream” and how we used it in the trailer, with people saying that it adds a dramatic aspect to the trailer as well as making it feel relatable. Although one group said that they didn’t understand the story/narrative of the trailer we weren’t really going for a story theme, even though we did add hints to the story, we wanted a tense aspect so people would want to figure out why is this happening. Also on every feedback sheet, people enjoyed the use of the shadow fight scene to make a hint of danger. Overall I feel most people enjoyed the mood and direction of the trailer going off their feedback but the trailer could show more of the story.

AR/VR Story Development

Techniques to use in the game:

  1. Creating a 3D environment and putting the player into that environment to show that the person would be in the game, for example creating a would in Maya or a game engine, then filming IRL a person with a VR headset on in front of a green-screen then putting them together.
  2. We could create a standing experience with the world moving around the person as more of a feel for or instead of a full game
  3. A mobile game when you use it to change the surrounding area into a game. For example like pokemon go but a different style of game, so this would be more of an AR experience.

Depending on how much go into each the one that would possibly take the longest would be option Uno as we would have to create different environments in a 3D software and then produce it into a trailer like a video.

Basic Treatment:

Starts off with a man putting on VR headset then the world converts into VR 3d space and he looks around to see what a wonderful place this is. The main equipment and software we will be using run the project are Maya as a main piece of software for the 3D environment and after effect/premier pro for editing, for filming we would need a high-quality camera life we used for the film noir project to film the live action content for the VR experience as well as that we would need lighting and possibly sound. The target audience for this project would be for ages 10+ or of whatever the VR headsets minimum requirement is. The full trailer will fit into a 20-second limit and will be a half 3D animation as that’s what we are using as the background environment.



Film Noir Development 3

In pre-production, we need to write/draw the storyboard, the script, costumes. In the group, my job was to write the script and storyboard and this would be the main structure of what the trailer will become, but I did get input from the other member of the group to see what he thinks and to get ideas. I will also be directing and assisting with editing the final trailer so I would be telling Rokas where to film and at what angle etc. and I will be assisting with the editing, helping make scenes flow and to cut out errors. In the film industry tend to have multiple people doing every job, so we have to do everything since we are just two people.

The storyboard is based off my original idea when bouncing off ideas with Rokas. In my original Idea, there would be a lot more fighting and close ups but that grew to be difficult when we were a member down and decided to keep it in to keep you thinking. But the idea of having blackouts during the trailer really helped the flow. We mainly used the storyboards instead of writing a script, we did this when we lost a member because there wasn’t much speaking in the trailer.IMG_0381.JPGIMG_0380.JPGIMG_0379.JPGIMG_0378.JPG


Risk assessment sheets are great when it comes to small or large film productions because people have to be safe throughout the production, this usually included blunt objects, prop guns, body doubles and stunt cushions. With our production, we checked through this list seeing what would effect this filming and our health and if there were then we wrote down the severity rating going from 1 to 5. One of the conditions that we had to be careful with the most is weather as it would roughly be 5 degrees Celsius and we would be doing shots in the cold, this would be challenging as the actors could be uncomfortable and it could even damage the equipment.

The equipment list:

Canon Legria HF G10 Camera


Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic + Windshield

Tascam DR-40 XLR Recorder + XLR Cable

RODE Boom pole for mic

TH-650 HD Tripod

Camlink TP-1700 Tripod

NEEWER Cn-160 light

Location Checklist:


The edit:


Enter a caption

The edit was done in separate layers for ground audio and music audio. Video and audio were all recorded separately for an easier edit/ so they don’t get mixed up. Some video tracks were slowed down and spaced out for a better flow of the trailer and to fit in with the song. Each scene was filmed multiple times to ensure we got scenes we were happy with to go into the final piece. We used premiere pro and photoshop in the trailer as it was there weren’t any special effects in it, but I feel the fewer effects in the trailer add a tense feel to the trailer. Screenshot_4.png


The film would be a psychological film noir movie made to make the view question who’s who in each scenario. The movie would be aimed at 16+ as in the full release the movie would have a lot more violence and trauma. Before editing the trailer we laid out all of the video files put them into premiere pro into the rough idea we had for the trailer to make sure the look and feel of the tense feel would come through, after that we followed through to edit the trailer. After the editing was done we went through the trailer to make sure it felt right, unfortunately, in the final edit I look at the camera twice but we didn’t notice it when we went through it because premier pro kept lagging past the bit. Overall the final edit was basically what I had in mind for the trailer after were went through it to make it work with just one person but if we did have a full team we would’ve been able to add more fight scenes etc.

The Filming process:

Day one: We started with the opening scene with me waking up repeatedly, we film this at my house moving from room to room. We did each scene around 13 times each to ensure we had enough footage for editing and that if one scene wasn’t at a good enough standard we could use another one. We set up all camera equipment, sound and lighting in each room to always get the best quality of film at the right contrast, so moving the equipment from room to room was a bit of a hassle but we moved each piece equipment one by one to be safe. Unfortunately, I and Rokas couldn’t get anyone to join us and help film but we got by with what we had.

Day two: For this, we needed to get some props and get to the right filming spots, for the props we needed a gun for each shot of me walking, the only toy guns shops had weren’t the right colour of the video, even though the video is in black and white the gun would stand out as brighter so we bought some spray paint and sprayed it so it worked for the scene. We filmed in and around two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton to get the shots we needed. we went for these areas as there dark and dirty the kinda feel we wanted for the trailer. We did the sameish recording set up like we did in my house but in the public scenes.


Film Noir Trailer development 2

My team, minus Jonno, decided we wanted a trailer with a psychological aspect to it so we wanted to some how show it through our project. The base sorry was a man being forced out of retirement to help find this unknown killer. This killer puts the main character against himself as he’s trying to figure out what’s happening. This was incredibly hard to film when you have two people, the trailer was supposed to be a lot different but Jonno decided he did want to do anything so a 3 man project became a 2 and we couldn’t get anyone else so it kinda put a damper on the production.

We went through multiple different ideas but one idea that came through was a detective getting back to his job. We just needed a story to go around it, we started with look at noir styled games and movies to build on our story. We wanted a the do to with phycology and dreaming, we had an ideas you have seen before in a previous page.

We looked all over for places to film but we wanted a gritty opening after the safe introduction so we thought car parks and back alleys since we wanted the character to be alone, secluded by the killer. So we went to two carparks one in Epsom and the other in Sutton we chose the places because they where dirty and gave a great atmosphere to the scene. We used a toy prop gun which was blue to begin with but we spray painted it to make it look realistic and luckily we were out of the way enough to not bother anyone whilst filming.

So my role in the trailer was to keep the story making sense in the narrative and the fact we only have 2 people to film it so a lot of the scenes would just me as Rokas will have to do the sound and camera whilst I’m acting. By doing this we tried to add dramatic tension by not showing the killer but to make you think and work out the story for yourself. I will also be assisted Rokas during the editing process and so we can make a firm decision about the end product of the trailer, as the director I need to make sure it looks good otherwise it could look like a sloppy mess. On set I wear a long jacket and always have a serious look on my face as this is supposed to be a serious trailer.

Alex: Main actor, assistant editor, director, writer, props

Rokas: Cameraman, sound man, background actor

The equipment we’re going to use are decent lighting for scenes that happen to take place in a darker area and using a reflector as well to get that across. We will also need a decent sound source with a high quality camera.

Bouncing Ball/temple Maya

My first step is to insert sphere, to do this I selected the Polygon Sphere tool located on the top left tab. I used the shortcut key ‘s’, which would set a keyframe for all of the channels. If I wanted to alternate where the key frames were then I would select Windows> Animating Editors> Dope Sheet and tab would appear with the different set keyframes on a graph, I’d be able to move these by clicking the middle mouse button, or if I wanted to move two or more then I could highlight with the left mouse button and then use the middle button. When I was done with the dope sheet, I moved onto the Graph Editor it is below the Dope Sheet. The dope sheet makes the animation process smoother as it literally smooths the animation between key frames. In the Graph Editor tab, I selected the button named Auto Tangents, this would smooth out the event lines automatically. I made the ball more bouncy by selection a few points called tangents and rotated the angle of the lines.

Finally, to give the ball a more natural feel I needed to alter the shape of the ball on each bounce, I did this by using the scale tool, this tool is found on the left side tab. By doing this it gave the ball an course of impact with the floor. One last thing I did to make the animation appear realistic was to spin it as it travelled across this screen, I rotated the ball throughout the key frame, using the Channel Box/ Layer Editor, much like when I moving the ball across the screen, using ‘S’ to overwrite the previous coordinates on the Channel Box/ Layer Editor.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 09.08.15.png

To create the temple the first part was to create a small cuboid, this would be the column bases and top. The cylinder came next which you can find on the tab Polygon Cylinder, I then changed the size of the cylinder using the input tab to mimic the pillars used in temples. After I made the main column shape for the temple, I had to make the flooring underneath it. I using the Polygon Cube again, but this time I stretched out the cube to mimic a floor. The following steps I found difficult as I haven’t used Maya that much before so using the Insert edge Tool was a learning curve. To do this you go to Mesh Tools> Insert Edge Loop Tool when you select this a tab will appear where you can change the number of edge loops that would appear after you double clicked on the edge of the shape. After that, I moved the two lines to the edges of the shape leaving enough room for a step and then did the same edge loop technique but instead with lines that were perpendicular to the previous one. By holding down the middle mouse button a menu will pop up,  then I clicked the Face tool and went to Edit Mesh> Extrude. Following that, I repeated this process and created 3 more steps and moved the column to sit on the base. Additionally, I observed the fact that the base of the columns was larger than the top so in order to do that I clicked the right mouse button to bring up a side menu and then selected Vertex, this tool allowed be to select the corners of each ridge in made. To make the base larger all I did was highlight the bottom vertexes, select the Resize Tool and make them the appropriate size. With my first polygon, I used the Edge Loop Tool and changed the number of edge loops to 1 and increased the size by dragging the y-axis arrow up. To make my 3D sculpture to look like a Temple I added more cuboids between the roof and columns, varying in both depth, length, and width.


3D Object Final


In this task, we were asked to make a normal object come to life and have an emotion through the use of 3D animation. At the beginning of the task we had to decide an object we wanted to come to life I originally chose a whiteboard pen which would jump around with joy, I made an initial sketch in my book. But as I went on I  decided that the pen design wasn’t for me and scrapped it. With the Pen model fully built I started making the animation with the style I used in my book. I wanted a cartoony effect and I think it looked okay but it wasn’t what I wanted and decided to go with a pencil design instead.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.11.20.png

.Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.11.37.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.39.png


How I made the pencil: I took a cylinder (where you can find in the main toolbar under polygons) and used my pencil against my screen to get a realistic size of the pencil. I then changed the subdivisions of the cylinder so it matched the shape of the pencil, after that I added a circular based pyramid to the top and bevelled the ends to make the pencil look used (I did the same for the tip). I then added textures to also match my pencil. From looking at the shape of the pencil I could see that the tip (lead part) was not completely straight, in order to mould the shape to how I wanted it, I used the Insert Edge Loop tool found in the Mesh Tools tab.

Moving onto the main finish animation, firstly I built the pencil modelled it added colour using hypershade to add a wood texture and the pencil colours to do so. I modelled the pencil off my own pencils also using the bevel tool to give the pencils its curves. Once I had made the pencil and grouped the parts of it together I started to build and texture the world around it, so that includes the table walls and floor, which was simply done using square model stretched out to do so. On the table, I duplicated more pencils into a pile on the table to show that the main pencil isn’t the only on stuck on the table.

To add colour to each polygon I selected Windows> Rendering Editors> Hypershade, this was a tool I had previously worked with however I did find difficulty in how to use it. To create new colours/ textures in the Node Box, I held down right click selected Create and then Materials to select the correct shine for the material. The metal parts like the lead part would have more of a shine compared to the other parts of the pencil. To add colour all I did was go to the Property Editor located on the right of the Hypershade tab and selected the colour I wanted in the Common Material Properties bar.

If I was unhappy with the speed in which the pencil or movement then I would go to Windows> Animation Editors> Dope Sheet and adjust the distance by highlighting the what I wanted and move them by holding down the middle mouse button, but fortunately I never needed to do this as the animation went well.Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.39.png

After completing the animation and adding both a background and floor, I added lighting because if I didn’t you wouldn’t see anything but black. This was simple Create> Lights> Area Lights after I did this I aimed it at the group of pencils. I decided to add two area lights as they would be able to make certain parts clearer compared to just having one, I placed one at the top facing the pencils and the other underneath the table.

For animating the falling pencil, I when back to get a reference from the Bouncing Ball animation as they held information I forgot and I when back to, to remember. What I did first was creating a Polygon Cube and then stretched it using the Scale Tool located on the left menu bar.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.48.11.png

Then I started to animate the pencil using the structure I’d drawn and to try and give the emotionless pencil emotion. I used keyframing bit by bit to give the pencil life showing the pencil roll off the table and flip with joy. TO make it feel like the object was actually jumping with at least some realism, I timed myself making the pen jump then translated it to the software I did the same thing for when the pencil fell etc. I used the graph editor to smooth out the animation especially in the jumping part near the end, this helps the animation get a more smooth feel and not so clunky.grapheditor.png

To get to the graph editor you will need to go to Windows > Animation Editors > Graph Editor from the menu bar or use the view bar Panels > Panel > Graph Editor. To manipulate animation curves and keys within a graph view of a scene you need to select one of the pivot points (the dots on the line) then as the pint handles come out click and drag into your prefer position. Before you do anything in this tab though you should mess with the lines individually instead of cluttered on top of each other you do this by click the name of the line you want in the side bar on the left of the picture.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.24.23.png
This is where I changed the colours in Maya like I said before its called hyper-shade

After I was happy with the animation I started to render out the animation but as separate jpg files into a folder Render> Batch Render. I then uploaded the folder as a sequence into after effects where it plays as a smooth video, I added some extra lighting as well, then more rendering to the video it ended up as.

I’m quite pleased with how my animation turned out If I keep working I’ll be able to improve my work. As this is quite a simple animation I want to make my work better and more detailed. I think this would be a good promotion for a pencil as it shows the emotions of the pencil. The use of humour in jumping pencil movement will draw more of a young audience as I feel that the older  audience would want something more thought provoking but it’s just a bit of fun so the younger audience would appreciate it more. As my pencils have no gender as it is an inanimate object it will apply to both audience genders, this would be clearer if I was to change the colour to more of a unisex colour like red or purple. If I was to create a more in-depth longer animation then I would probably need a budget so then I could buy the program Maya on PC and a stapler from the stationary company to base my work off.

plz anything above pass, I beg, I tried

3D Development work

For my final piece, I create a short animation much like Pixar, in Maya a pencil is going through a different stretch of emotion. I chose to do a pencil in this piece because even though it’s easier than other things to create it as a 3D object it’s harder to produce it into an object with emotion.

I used my own pencil and drawings to portray the pencil and to think of how a pencil would act if it was given any emotion. SO I spent my time before making it in 3D moving it around my desk in a cartoon-like way, to see how it would move compared to the way I moved in my videos we recorded. To get different emotion we did different walk cycles, for example, happy, sad to see how a human would walk if showing the movements in an animation, so most of the movements were cartoon like but it helped when creating my piece.

To help get an idea of the shape and feel of the pencil I wrote down the key features of the pencil that I’m basing my animation off, for example, length and hexagon shape of the pencil had to be taken into account this helped a lot when moving it all into Maya to make the pencil. By drawing out an item before animating will definitely help in the future and will be even more helpful for character design as I could develop facial features, characteristics, clothing, body shape, etc and decide which one works the best.



Evaluation of game

In this task we were asked to design a 2D platformer and create it using unreal engine, we had to base it on the classics era so old gods and such.

I started by researching the classics area and 2D games from history, on the classics research I focused on old roman gods based on planets so gods like saturn. I chose these Gods because the style of game I wanted would be in the vein of games such as God of War. After I found out what I wanted to base the games characters on and got the base of the story done I started researching 2D platformers I liked the style of super metroid and more modern flush styles like ori and the blind forest so I eventually went for a mix of both, by that I mean O when for the background pixelated style in the same idea as super metroid and some new modern pixel games but keeping the character looking flush with a smooth character.

Before I started work on the game in the game development software I did more development on the on what the characters and scenery. I wanted to flush out the whole idea of the story and ideas I had on paper before putting them into the game, but after a while I came up with something I felt was good enough to start with the game. The first thing I started work on digitally was the main character, he started as a simple worker but as I developed the world more I made the main character related to the god Saturn making the main character a half god so in turn making him apart of the roman army as that felt more appropriate to the story and thats how I came up with the end design of the character. After I finish that I worked on the scenery I was heavily influenced by other games when in development on the background, I kept in mind what we did before with the desert piece I did, the part of the level I chose was was the beginning of the tutorial when the game starts of in the forest where you live and start you adventure to Rome, I chose this area because it would be the easiest place to show of the stylistic aspect of the game. Now we have the scenery, ground and the player time to up it in the game, although I’ve briefly used unreal engine before I’ve only really used Unty so it was a bit of a change and a learning point for me. To make this I went through many tutorials so I can get the basics done such as running, jumping then I progressed to do health and dieing which was a bit of a task but if I had more time to finish the game I would ad enemies and attacks but this shows what the game would look like. Using the background I created I made earlier I added to the game and made the background parallax when you run across the map.

Overall I am happy with how my game looks and what it’s like at the moment, but I’ll say it again If I had more time I would have made the game have more to it such as attacks and enemies. What could be improved would my work mentality to do work I feel if I did more at home I could have got more done I got more into it at the last few months of 2016 but I will work harder for my end piece. If you want to see the game click on another post with a video of what the game looks like in the software.