Walk Animation IRL and (Treatment


The working title of my project is “escape”. This 3D animation will be around 20 seconds long and will be aimed for young children around 5+ because of its simple silly humour and happy attitude which i feel adults won’t appreciate it in the same way, I know this though my research in other shorts like this, for example tinny toy is a very simple early animation about a toy coming to like and through my research have found out the this was better received by a younger audience for is silly humor and funny character. The story is about a pencil board on the table wanting more out of its life, so decides to roll away but this leads the pencil to fall off the table leaving its other pencil friends behind as he is free. Once the pencil is on the floor it gets up slowly and realises its free, it starts jumping round with joy doing flips as he’s achieved his dream, then suddenly another pencil falls down off the table and falls on the pencil we’ve been following and thats where it ends. The main pencil wants more to life than just to be a pencil, it wants to be free, this is the main backstory of the original pencil, the pencil doesn’t have an age/gender as its a pencil but still show human characteristics. The lighting will be mainly aimed from above since its a normal room its in but I will be sure that the pencil will never be in full darkness. The camera will track/follow the main pencil through its 20 second adventure, I’m doing this because the main focus of the short is the pencil and I want the audience to focus on it. The setting of the short is in a office with a desk in it with just some pencils on it, most of the pencils will just be props as only two of the pile will move in the whole video. Even though a pencil is easier that a stapler to model its harder to show emotion through a pencil, so thats why I tried to challenge me on that front, but in order to achieve the end product I will have to learn and understand more of maya so I can make the video. One of the main other shorts I research was the pixar short “Lamps” as they are able to show their emotions through movements even though they are inanimate objects. The secondary object was the short “Paperman” I really love this animation as the way it brought two acquaintances together was really inspiring and how it uses paper plains to bring them together. The entire animation will be made in Maya as its a free and good way to learn a heavily used 3D software. One of the main problems I’ll encounter would be the fact I would’t know enough about the software to fix  problem but I ask and use google to find that out. The  cost if this was a live brief would be the Maya licenses, computer and staff.


Walking work to see how you walk when you are experiencing a different emotion and use this work on the 3D animation work to help give you object a sense of life and emotion.


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