Film Noir Trailer development 1

film noir concept 1

Retired detective call for his last job – Movie -Starts of with a man in is late 40s early 50s walking around his suburban house alone, a very normal situation walks into down the same old routine. This happens five or six times until he’s at his regular coffee shop when two men in uniform sit at his table with a preposition.This gives him life to do one last job (he takes the job immediately). He goes to hell and back to uncover the truth behind this underground organization until he finds out something he shouldn’t of. This movie is brutal.

film noir concept 2

Young policeman gets mixed into a job he can’t escape – movie – This boy thinks he can do anything proving he can take down the tough criminal in his line of duty until he gets dragged into the underground of that time. The boy has to keep his morals whilst trying to survive the dark side of the world like Corruption, women, gambling and the mob.


Director – Alex

Writer – Alex

Actor – Alex

Cameraman – Jonathan

Sound Design – Rokas/Jonathan

Editing – Rokas


The main character wakes up, and it seems as if his life is in a loop. He is living a very mundane life, we will present this in our trailer by showing scenes of him following the same in a loop. This routine consists of him waking up in the morning, followed by him brushing his teeth and then eating. Concluding the loop is the character putting on his coat and leaving his house. These scenes will be looped multiple times, with each loop increasing in speed until it seems to be snapping frame to frame.  This is a representation of the lack of substance and excitement in his life. While the audience will not catch this in the trailer, the protagonist is, in fact, a detective, and he has been left to his life from an incident that occurred earlier in his life, an incident that ended his career. The loop is broken with a hard cut to a new scene. This scene is of him eating in a cafe alone and 2  shady figures in black suits enter the cafe and sit next to him. The men ask him if he wants to get back to business. This will probably not be audible in the final cut, as the camera will zoom into the protagonists lower half of his face, stopping to a smirk. A gradual hold, then a cut to black. This black cut will hold momentarily. After this point, the trailer rapidly increases in speed with short snaps of gritty and dark activities taking place such as murder, extortion, chasing, blood, action etc with a hard conclusion, being a question. The first and only narrative line in the trailer. Said question is yet to be written.

We will need a high-quality camera, microphone and lighting in order to get the scenes we need for the trailer, the trailer is aimed towards people at an age of about 16 plus as the main movie will contain much more violence and physiological aspects in the full release. The plan for the trailer is to find a place which is dirty, run down and looks like its been through a lot much like a construction site, a dark alley or a car park. The editing will we done in premier pro as there aren’t many effects in the trailer we won’t need it, for the text we would use photoshop to create in then insert it in.

Sound Design

For music choice, I have presented the track “Life is but a Dream”

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