Kingston Noir

Directing – Viktorija, Alex             Filming – Jonathan                  Acting – Me

Film Noir – In this film noir project we had to show our film, directing and editing skills to pull off a small film noir piece. Throughout the lesson working on this project we had to keep referencing to old movie to see how they did it since thats where film noir originated, this helped us get the angles and shots needed to give off the feel we where going for. We repeated the scenes to get the best look because usually scenes aren’t perfect on the first go so you keep doing it until it works out in the end.

Editing – In the editing process I already had a good idea of what the end piece should look like for example black and white for the old timely feel, but to add that extra look I added a filter to make it look like the film was filmed on an old camera, then brightened the whites and darkened the blacks to really give it a dangerous feel.

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