Mood Boards Gods/Styles and such


These are the mood boards for my game, researching and finding inspiration about the gods and what my game will end up looking like. The first one below show how the different roman gods look like and with what they where commonly associated with such as Neptune (God of the sea) with a trident as that’s the weapon he uses. This will all help when making my game because when/if you fight the gods I can use these as abilities ext. After that are pictures of roman and the style of the game that I want, since one of the main part of the first level is in Rome I needed to find pictures as references. I love the way Rome looks in that was in a retro setting,  like how super Metroid looks, I think it’ll work out. The next picture is of different weapon ideas for the main character I needed to go through these getting ideas on what I wanted, at the moment of writing I am leaning toward a large sward (Kind of like Final Fantasy).

Gods mood board, these are representations of what the gods look like according the to the roman/greeks.
Ideas for the styling and places my character will go.


sward mood.jpg
Sword mood board

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