Analysis of board game


The goal of monopoly is to accumulate more money by buying more tiles, eventually either becoming bankrupt or having the most money. Though people may play this game by buying everything, what you should be doing is working out which investment will make you the most money and how to use it.

  • Use money wisely
  • increase amount of properties
  • place houses on properties to get more money
  • make others bankrupt


I didn’t fully understand this card game but what I got from it was that the first person to loose all their cards wins you do this by a card battle system where you would fight with the person next to you ending with either the loosing so they pick up the cards or winning where the cards get discarded.

  • Use cards wisely
  • get rid of all your cards
  • consider what other people have so the don’t get dropped on you
  • think basically

Cards against humanity

This is more of a fun (but rude) game which the funniest card wins. You take turn being the card Caesar this person plays the black card (set up card) whilst the others try to make the funniest answer. If you are the funniest you get to keep the black card, so by the end who ever has the most black cards win

  • Be funny
  • Use cards wisely to tailor to the person

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