About the game – Basic story/treatment

The roman gods abuse their powers because Zeus has a plan to betray earth and enslave human kind. You have to stop the gods by any means necessary.

You are the Son of Saturn (god of time) and have a human mother in which means you can’t live with the gods so you and your mother are banished from Mount Olympus, over the years you live a peaceful life until your farther Saturn comes back from the future to warn you of the destruction of Rome caused by  the gods then Saturn returns to the future leaving you to take out the gods and reclaim you rightful place on Mount Olympus.

The time has come to fight the gods as they seem to be coming down, you first take out Mars (God of war)  in a populated town to prove a point and work you way through the gods. Trying to find your father and keeping Rome safe.

The first level has an intro cut scene where Saturn comes back from the future like I said before, but then you’re in the game when he leaves, you start in your house in the forest away from the city so you have to find your way to Rome. When going through the forest you encounter bears/birds these are basically tutorial enemies to get you used to the controls. You find your sward stuck in the ground and you get going. After the first part of the level you come up to a river where you get in a boat and triggers a cut scene where Pluto (God of the underworld) comes out a fiery pit in the water then tells you ( whilst floating in the air that Rome is falling and there is nothing he can do and that the god of war has taken it over on order by Zeus and that Zeus has seen the light, as he’s doing the right thing (because you know Pluto is evil and Zeus is destroying it) then says bye and leaves through where he came. When you get to Rome Its been take over by the God of war and lots of other enemies like Cyclops’s and Minotaur’s. You fight your way through the mobs till you get to the Roman Coliseum where you have your first boss battle against the god of war. Once you defeat him you hold his dead body up and scream and that’s the first level.


The strategy is to get through the level keeping full health and playing sensibly so you have enough health to survival the boss battle. There will be many ways t get through the levels (hopefully) but you should do the five d’s of dodge ball Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.


When you start you get a quick introduction to what your doing/the objective the head off to the tutorial forest when you learn the controls ext. You progress by killing each god once you kill them you will heather get a health boost or their ability such as a jump dash or something.


Some of the random mobs can drop health (or something else I’m not sure yet but they drop little health so its not easy to complete the level. You’ll fight smaller enemies to get to the main god boss battles. Like Centaurs, Minotaur’s, Medusa (maybe mid boss) and Typhon. Cyclops’s and Minotaur’s  are the main trash mobs in this level as they are everywhere in Rome. Cyclops’s shoot lasers out there eyes and Minotaur’s charge at you.

Pay Off

The satisfaction of killing the gods and the fact you get more powerful the more gods you kill because you’ll need those powers to kill Zeus.

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