Warburtains Animation Evaluation

Animation with no background music

Animation with background music


In this task we were told to develop and design a 2D animation to advertise Warburtons new ‘thin bagel’. We were told that the target audience was at woman aged 20-45.

I started by researching more about Warburtons and their past in advertising, history as a whole and where they are from to try and gather ideas to make a story from, this really help structure my animation and ideas towards the main piece. After this I did more research for different animation styles seeing other people’s work getting information and inspiration into what kinda style I would want to do. After going through youtube, tv, adverts and the web looking for different styles which would aid me.

To create my animation I started with storyboards and drawn ideas to help me think of a story to my animation and what the characters would be like. The target audience was towards women, so I targeted mothers with imaginative children to show it will keep them and their family more healthy and that this is a good alternative to other bagels. I based the style of the characters of animators on youtube as I feel their animation style would appeal to families, women and people in general. This is also where I got most of my inspiration from when researching I was getting ideas from other places with helped me decide on a story with entertaining characters who could be used in other adverts or brand games, so it could add a whole more load of story driven adverts using these characters as a base. I wanted to keep it simple yet stylized so maybe people could relate. I wanted to keep the story simple yet entertaining and shows how far the boys will go to have a thin bagel, it also connects to what people are doing more and more. What I like about my animation is the style of it as it in my opinion makes it look much better than it would if I chose another style. I feel in the future, as this is the first real animation I’ve made would be to take more time out and work on my own skill as an animator to make the best animation, because I feel I’ve done a good job with where my skill is at the moment.

Overall I feel that my animation had a good story with appeals the most women who have a family and makes people laugh which would make people watch and consider buying this product. Also the animation and style could be improved on as time goes on but for where my ability is at right now I think I did a good job showing off the product.





Final StopMotion Letter X

This is the final piece of the animated alphabet do you know how hard it was to make a stop motion using the letter x.

When we first started this part of the project I was stumped as to what I should do my animation about because most people who would have the letter x would just do xylophone, I didn’t want to do this. So I started trying to find other words beginning with x and though of X-ray it was literally the only other semi simple thing I could think of. So I went through all the different things I could do to make a stop motion out of and thought of a skellington, I made a storyboard of what I could do.

Animation Feedback (Peer/Myself)


Peer Advice and Feedback:

  • Cool animation style
  • Interesting idea
  • Not Bad
  • Need to fix editing
  • Maybe a little neater

I have understood the things I need to do the improve my animation better. I will go through making the appropriate adjustments to my work so it will be at a better quality for the final piece of work. I will try to improve the editing as at the point of this comment it is quite messy with some dodgy camera angles, this won’t take long to complete as I will do it while in my privet work at home later today.

Personal Feedback

  • Like the style
  • Need to add sound
  • Need to fix editing
  • I feel I did a good job on the backgrounds
  • Nearly finished

I will make adjustments later on, to what I’ve said.

In the morning around 9:30 to 12:30 I will be trying to fix he camera angle issues, so i’ll be fixing how it went wrong

In the afternoon 1:30 to 5:00 I would be trying to work on the sound effects and voices I will be doing this at home in my own time as well.

\/ Screenshots of animation at the point of this post

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.01.38.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.01.50.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.02.07.png