Stop motion story development

This is the basic story of the alphabet stop motion task thing. this is for the letter x and it was difficult to find something to make a story with.

  1. Starts of with a closed box
  2. The box picture by picture starts to open
  3. Once the box is fully open it reveals a tacky pair of x-ray glasses
  4. Hands slowly appear picking up the glasses moves them towards the camera, then the camera becomes what looking through the 3d glasses look like, if you get what I mean.
  5. The camera slowly looks up and a skeleton appears on screen and waves.
  6. After that the person wearing the glasses freaks out
  7. Takes glasses and throughs them into the bin and reveals the words X
  8. Then the word ray slowly appears on screen.

the props

  1. x-ray glasses
  2. people
  3. bin
  4. paper
  5. box
  6. skeleton


  1. anywhere, probs here thoScan.jpegScan 1.jpeg