Warburtons Idea Treatment (SOLO)


It is base of a real life event that changed my day the other week, Basically it starts of with someone trying to make a sandwich then realises there isn’t any bread substance to put it in (as they discover the new thin bagel later (buy it now btw)) so the character panics, as I did, runs upstairs, swings open his brother’s door. He grabs him, pulls him into the main character’s room. He sits him down on a chair, puts a high tech hat on him that looks like a sieve  while he is questioning what he is doing. Moments later the brother gets sucked into the sieve hat machine which is connected to the main character’s computer and is sucked into the internet (At this point there is a big flash when this happens). The main guy is trying to tell his brother to get him bread for a sandwich, as the brother is freaking out (The internet is a dark setting with website pages floating around him). A few seconds later the brother calms down, then looks through the internet, through internet memes and websites, until he finds himself at the Warburton’s website. He sees the thin bagel branding on the site and the main character says it looks good and tells him to grab that or something. The machine starts up, there is a flash, then the end scene is them at a table having a toasted bagel whilst the brother is rocking back and forth next to him.

This is the basic concept for my animation. I have an idea for the type of animation and such. But this is it so far and there will be hints to Bolton and that area in the internet when the character goes in and also when in the characters house.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.58.19.png
Based of me and my brother.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.36.08.png


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