Different types of animation

  1. KineticTypography   http://www.creativebloq.com/typography/examples-kinetic-typography-11121304

Kinetic Typography comes in different shapes and forms whether its in a movie or advert this type of animation can come in many shapes and forms so it has a broad range of different ways to display you message or scene. I’m movies its mainly used for the intro for the movies show the actors/directors names or used in the end credits as its a good way of showing off the movie, but in adverts its mainly used through out the video to show off the product in a refreshing and different way .


2. Stop Frame (stop motion)

Stop frame animation or stop motion what ever you call it has been used throughout the media spectrum such as movies, tv shows and adverts. Movies like the nightmare before christmas / fantastic mr fox, tv shows like Wallace and Gromit / shawn the sheep and adverts like the target girl dreaming ad. These types of animation set apart from the norm as the long time to create the frame by frame animation is a tedious process to make and isn’t done as much as.


3. Motion Graphics


Motion Graphic animation are all made using digital footage/ animation soft wear on a computer as it is made by electronic media. this uses a frame by frame then computers calculate the changes them making the illusion of motion. This is used a lot in media mainly in advertisements and normal use if you click the link above you, you will see different types of motion graphic. also this type of animation is used in credit scenes at the end of movies as its a cleaver eye catching way of praising the actors/actress’ and directors ect work in the film.




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