This adverts shows off a scarecrow not happy with how his life is going and decides to make a change in a dramatic way and starts his own job and changes the way off doing things, I feel the ad really captivates the audience into the video as its message is strong even though its just for a mobile game app.

The way this advert really shows off what happens in real life, people are unhappy with their jobs and are scared about moving getting a new job as there comfortable with where they are, so they don’t want leave. This show someone that does something different and makes a difference to his life starting his own business being his own boss, this could inspire people  to change how the life is for the better and play the game I feel it has a deeper meaning that just an add for a game its a different way of looking at things a change, this shows off the game as its different and changes the way you look at thinks as your helping this scarecrow follow his dreams and maybe inspire the audience to follow theirs. It also shows the way the food of the world has changed from all natural and all free range to a much more captivity and genetically modified food but we don’t need that all we need is fresh food and a better way of looking at things.


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