Branding (What is it?)

A brand identity is how you want the public/market area to view your product, it takes a while to develop a great brand as it has yo show what the company is effectively. This includes the colours, logo, name, symbol and tagline but also includes the expectations, feelings and thinking as intangibles.

To have a brand you first have to start with the symbol to your business (the logo) this helps identify you brand over others by having a brand that shows who you are and maybe what you do. What usually goes with the logo and company is a memorable logo that with say what you want to do for the product and/or what you stand for showing the public this is what you should be buying by making it stay in their heads. Marketing there are so many different methods of this for example TV advert, posters appearing at events, flyers, pop ups on websites ect. If you use these it helps spread the word of the other methods but adding the company’s own touch also bringing in people to buy from their product.

Lucozade Branding:

from starting as a way to help children feel better when they where ill to a now well know energy drink you can see how the branding wound had changed over time. Back in the day this energy drink was heavily used and heavily branding very differently to what it is today as everyone knew it as ‘nice part of being ill’ so leaping to an energy drink would need a lot of change it what the company wanted to sell so they decided to show a can do attitude and a never-say-die approach to life which is still back up its roots in health. This gives people the feeling of good health when they have it as energy drinks are not typically associated with good health.


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