Warburtons Task: 2D Animation Examples

Dumb Ways to Die

this ad it more towards a younger demographic as the bright colours and catchy song stay in peoples heads, ensuring safety on trains. The 2D animation done shows the “Dumb” ways to die whilst catching a train making people aware of the dangers in a fun song and video and as it caught on with people making parodies ect I feel it was pretty successful.

this 2D animation is for the Gaming Comedian Vanoss from on of his videos. This animation shows the funny and weird bids through its bright colours and well drawn characters. Along withe the audio it makes this video a funny one in which you’ll remember.

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie

This is one of the first but is still a classic, the whistling in the video is the catchy tune which makes you remember and keeps the clip in your head.

Spooky Scary Skeletons

This video became well known as it spawned a lot of remix’s which made it very popular around the internet and when talking to people. It became popular through its weird song and dance video in which people quickly made it their own making more people see it search where it came from and trace it back to this video.






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