Warburtons Task: Examples of Viral Campaign

Old Spice – February 2010

This ad got vey popular very fast for its humor and the style of it as it takes you on a adventure through what your man could look like, now look back to me. The strange turn and straight face of the actor really makes this ad sell, with the jingle at the end is very catchy and make the viewer remember the video therefore remember the product.

TNT Add Drama – April 2012

A Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die – November 2012 / 2D animation

this ad it more towards a younger demographic as the bright colours and catchy song stay in peoples heads, ensuring safety on trains. The 2D animation done shows the “Dumb” ways to die whilst catching a train making people aware of the dangers in a fun song and video and as it caught on with people making parodies ect I feel it was pretty successful.

New Zealand an Expected Briefing – October 2012

Three UK #DancePonyDance – February 2013

Volvo Trucks the Epic Split – November 2013

LG Elevator Prank – October 2012

Red Bull Space Jump – October 2012

Pepsi Max Test Drive Prank – March 2013

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise – October 2013

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