Old Design Video Game Interface Evaluation


In this task we had to create a video game interface for a car game and I had to use what I have learn to design and create a high quality and professional look for my game I got help doing this by looking at other professional looks in the industry. I did create a high standard interface through the work I did and it looks functional, it could be used in a real game.

I started development on my game interface by researching other games in which have a slick clean interface in which isn’t over crowded by unnecessary parts to the interface. This helped me  as this is the style I wanted to go for to make my interface look as professional as possible, I looked through different games such as forza and burnout paradise to seek inspiration for my design. I liked how forza looked with it’s professional look adding a more pleasing look to the game.

Throughout the development and planning I have come up with something that looks eye pleasing. Starting with the speedometer, I feel the overall look and the effort I put into it really paid off as it what I wanted it look like at the end as its minimalistic and has has a sort of modern feel to it as it only show  you what you need to see nothing more nothing less, the speed in (mph)/speed in a rev meter which is blue to show when the max speed is and also works as a boost mechanic. There is also powScreen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.40.56.pnger meter/fuel gauge in which displays how much fuel your car has the lower your gauge the more likely you’ll run out of fuel and get reset at the starting line which will be a consequence for not grabbing fuel around the map, I love how this looks as it shows clearly how much power you have/speed clearly and I feel looks visually pleasing as the minimal look to it makes it look modern. Also the backing helps out line the speed so it is easier for the player to check it whilst playing. Finally the gear stick, I know electric cars do not need/have a gear stick but its just to Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.35.58.pngfor look and will change when you need to change gear automatically but for the people that have a steering wheel/peddles that work with games they will be able to use the gear stick to change the gear if they want to I feel that by doing this it add more control to the user whilst playing this game, plus the colour of this changes depending what team you are on helping show what team you are on. I went through lots of different designs to get this final look and feel that it really can through for me. Next the team colour, to differentiate the teams I added two strips of shade from the same colour to show the different teams. I like the look of this as it simple and doesn’t Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.35.46.pngtake up a lot of the screen so you have full view of the game whilst still knowing what team you are on. Next is the lap time and position you are in, I wanted to keep this simple and easy to read as the player is concentrating on playing the game the are only going to glance at the this so I wanted to keep it easy to read and at a top corner, this helps keep play on the game reducing the risk of a crash in game unless your driving whist play the game which I don’t recommend. Finally on the interface is the map, the map is from a birds eye view to show where all racers are at each part of the race. The map is also the colour of the team you on also to help show what tlap:time:pos.pngeam you are on if your stupid enough not to have got the other two hints, the map is slightly see though so you have more view of the map whist playing.

Whist creating the interface I came up with teams with their individual logo, it took a while to come up with ok names for the teams and ended up calling the teams after race horses as I think its quite funny and it fits quite well, but the fourth was a rip off of Red Bull as its called Pink Cows. On a side note I can’t use other well known brands and cars as I would have to pay for the rights to use them in my game and since I’m broke I can’t really do that now back
Pink-Cows-logo.jpgto the evaluation. I really like the end look I got for the logos, unfortunately I don’t have a very detailed as I’m not that great with illustrator to make tCouch_Potato.jpgCarrot_Stick.jpghe super professional so I made them look like they where for horses. I also made a pop up when you finish a lap to tell you what lap you are on, I like how they look as I went for a shield look and it came out well I wouMeerkat_Manner.jpgld of like to make each lap a different colour but I wasn’t quite sure how to do that fortunately I doesn’t really impact the look of the shields the its fine.

Overall I feel that the look and the way my interface turned out was good the style and feel I went for where what I ended up with. Maybe I could had detailed so parts more but for my ability I think it turned out well.




Game Loop Two

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.01.56.png
Clips made in garage band to use in the second game loop
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.04.08.png
Backing bass for Second game loop to give me a better sound and to help stay in beat
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 14.10.30.png
Extra beat for the second game loop to give the sound variety in the piece
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 16.01.56.png

Audition page for game loop 2 using beats from Garage band and some other music from freesound, I sped up some parts near the end I also muffled and slowed down parts too but I feel it add to the main piece I used sounds like a door opening and closing/police sirens,sped up ambient noises (which are sped up to to make it feel faster) I feel this has a real life effect to the loop.

Branding (What is it?)

A brand identity is how you want the public/market area to view your product, it takes a while to develop a great brand as it has yo show what the company is effectively. This includes the colours, logo, name, symbol and tagline but also includes the expectations, feelings and thinking as intangibles.

To have a brand you first have to start with the symbol to your business (the logo) this helps identify you brand over others by having a brand that shows who you are and maybe what you do. What usually goes with the logo and company is a memorable logo that with say what you want to do for the product and/or what you stand for showing the public this is what you should be buying by making it stay in their heads. Marketing there are so many different methods of this for example TV advert, posters appearing at events, flyers, pop ups on websites ect. If you use these it helps spread the word of the other methods but adding the company’s own touch also bringing in people to buy from their product.

Lucozade Branding:

from starting as a way to help children feel better when they where ill to a now well know energy drink you can see how the branding wound had changed over time. Back in the day this energy drink was heavily used and heavily branding very differently to what it is today as everyone knew it as ‘nice part of being ill’ so leaping to an energy drink would need a lot of change it what the company wanted to sell so they decided to show a can do attitude and a never-say-die approach to life which is still back up its roots in health. This gives people the feeling of good health when they have it as energy drinks are not typically associated with good health.


Game Interface Update 22/01/16

I have made 3 sets of each team each with a different style but still using the same components showing off different ways to view the interface. The first image is the original idea I went with but with the feedback I got from the other students I added that into the other designs to see what it would look like.


Nex_Lap_Popup .jpg
This is the lap counter, each lap you complete the these will pop up telling you that you have completed your first, second and third lap.

Game Loop One

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.37.10.png
Beat for the game loop one, using garage band to back beat.

Audition page for game loop 1 using beats from Garage band and some other music from freesound, I sped up some parts near the end I also muffled and slowed down parts too but I feel it add to the main piece.Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.35.38.png

Warburtons Task: 2D Animation Examples

Dumb Ways to Die

this ad it more towards a younger demographic as the bright colours and catchy song stay in peoples heads, ensuring safety on trains. The 2D animation done shows the “Dumb” ways to die whilst catching a train making people aware of the dangers in a fun song and video and as it caught on with people making parodies ect I feel it was pretty successful.

this 2D animation is for the Gaming Comedian Vanoss from on of his videos. This animation shows the funny and weird bids through its bright colours and well drawn characters. Along withe the audio it makes this video a funny one in which you’ll remember.

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie

This is one of the first but is still a classic, the whistling in the video is the catchy tune which makes you remember and keeps the clip in your head.

Spooky Scary Skeletons

This video became well known as it spawned a lot of remix’s which made it very popular around the internet and when talking to people. It became popular through its weird song and dance video in which people quickly made it their own making more people see it search where it came from and trace it back to this video.






Warburtons Task: Examples of Viral Campaign

Old Spice – February 2010

This ad got vey popular very fast for its humor and the style of it as it takes you on a adventure through what your man could look like, now look back to me. The strange turn and straight face of the actor really makes this ad sell, with the jingle at the end is very catchy and make the viewer remember the video therefore remember the product.

TNT Add Drama – April 2012

A Metro Trains Melbourne Dumb Ways to Die – November 2012 / 2D animation

this ad it more towards a younger demographic as the bright colours and catchy song stay in peoples heads, ensuring safety on trains. The 2D animation done shows the “Dumb” ways to die whilst catching a train making people aware of the dangers in a fun song and video and as it caught on with people making parodies ect I feel it was pretty successful.

New Zealand an Expected Briefing – October 2012

Three UK #DancePonyDance – February 2013

Volvo Trucks the Epic Split – November 2013

LG Elevator Prank – October 2012

Red Bull Space Jump – October 2012

Pepsi Max Test Drive Prank – March 2013

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise – October 2013