Car game sound develpment

In my game when you drive around the London track you will pass by street performers to add to the feel of London. I am going to do this as when you go around London there are people that do this and I feel that it will give the game a better atmosphere and of course you can crash into them if you feel like and hear their interments get destroyed by your car.

Another street performer I could add these types of instruments could change the game play experience for the player to make them feel like they are in London

Traffic Jam Sound clip in which could be added to the game as my game is based in London with traffic so you would hear lots of cars.

Sound clip test to try and get the sound I want when playing the game.

Sound clip to test what could work as a backing for my game

This is a mix I was testing for the game and seeing what worked this is what I got out of it.


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