Modernism and Post Modernism



As you can see on the left is modernism, made before the 1980’s they had limits to what they could create for example since computers weren’t around as much as they are today people  had to stick with drawing, painting, air brush, screen print ect (traditional methods) using dynamic shapes to show what they are advertising. If the artist wanted a human for example in their poster they would have to make the person look like a person unlike now where artists have more freedom the make what they feel will suit so the if a person wants to draw a human now it doesn’t have to pacifically look like one. Post modernism started after 1980’s to the current day when people started using digital techniques to design posters, when this happened artists and designers had a chance to show what they wanted in a easier form, less detailed. Post Modernism is more open as it allows more spiritual, relational and creative/imaginative ideas and approach towards this design.

The picture on the top left is Modernism and as you can see there is a more realistic feel towards it, you can clearly see the point of it, used in times where we where at war to get people to join the army/buy stamps to send to people in the war zone, telling you what happening  and basically straight to the point as it has a lot of writing in it compared to post modernism. In the Post Modernism poster on the right the person who made it has used shapes to create the rocket and a cartoonish smoke underneath, this has been done by using a computer to create it, this poster is more plain than the Modernist one we saw first as that poster has been hand painted and copied. As you can see below I have put a bunch of Post Modernism and Modernism into a collection, you can see the difference of design between them,  it shows how detailed the Modernism posters are as they had to be hand drawn/painted in order to make them, then the Post Modernist posters are more open to have different ideas in how to show what they are trying to get across. The way the artist portray the Post Modernist posters are very related to the world and to create you own meaning through sometimes your feelings to create the poster. However traditional methods include the truth/facts following god or the world events with a logical perspective on what you making following the objective of what you are creating thinking on your own to create an idea that will appeal to the public. In conclusion you can see the changes between how people expected you to make on a poster to the times like now where you have so much more creative freedom in what you make as things don’t have to be hand drawn/painted anymore since we have computers and can create designs much quicker and to a high quality to what you need.

Modernist posters
Modernist posters
Post Modernist posters
Post Modernist posters

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